23 of April

Terri Gerosa talks to Rzeczpospolita about employing humanistic graduates

Career, Citi Service Center

Recently, the question of employment of humanistic graduates has been asked more and more frequently by the labor market. Today’s issue of Rzeczpospolita brings more information on how such candidates are perceived by the potential employers.

Terri Gerosa, Head of Citi Service Center Poland, comment to Rzeczpospolita about this issue: “We recruit our future workforce not only from graduates in economics or technology, but also from those who specialized in humanities. We are very keen on employing philology graduates as our work requires highly developed linguistic competences. In our present operations in Poland, we provide services to Citi Clients in more than 60 countries. In such an international environment, English is our lingua franca, but we find that our employees use as many as 24 different languages on a daily basis at work. Regardless of their educational background, each new employee receives business training to prepare him or her to work in a given area. We also train our employees in soft skills. Later, training courses are divided into professional and leadership courses. With such an approach we manage to overcome the stereotype of humanists having less analytical competences. As it turns out, our humanists have excellent results working in the area of finance, analytics or AML. All they need is targeted training which we are able to provide to them at the preliminary stage of employment."

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