When was Citi Service Center established in Poland?

Citi Service Center began its operations in Poland by 2005.

Where we have offices?

The main location is Warsaw where CSC employs over 3750 employees. CSC works also in Olsztyn (Kołobrzeska 38 ) and Łódź (Wólczańska 178).

What is the relationship between Citi Service Center and Citi Handlowy?

There are separate entities existing on the Polish market belonging to the Citi Group.

Is Citi Service Center Poland a part of Citi Group?

Yes, Citi Service Center Poland is a part of the Citi Group multinational and multicultural company, which main business is providing financial services around the world for over 1 MM customers. Citi Group employs 275 000 employees in 160 countries.

Who are Citi Service Center customers?

Citi Service Center in Poland provides services for 70 customers around the world.

What are the basic requirements of candidates?

Citi Service Center provides financial services for many countries from Poland, therefore we are looking for employees with fluent English in written and spoken. For some processes we search employees with other language skills. Nowadays we employ people which in daily work use Czech, Hungarian, Greek, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Urdu, Swahili and many many more.