Global ID Administration

Global ID Administration follows the Global PCM to perform the following functions:

  • Managing user credentials and associated entitlements for operating systems, databases and applications
  • Managing the grouping of specific entitlements or users within an operating system, database, and application; creating, modifying, deleteing groups, and manage business roles
  • Managing non-user-specific credentials for operating systems, databases, and applications
  • Managing Temporary IDs by granting privileged access credentials for operating systems, databases, and applications 
  • Assigning initial passwords and resetting passwords for existing user credentials
  • Managing soft and hard user Token authentication
  • Managing authentication and encryption of Certificate accounts for both user and/or server certificates
  • Reconciling system logs to approved request records
  • Security Configuration Management
  • Transition / Consolidation of applications into the fulfillment center
  • Support for problem resolution of ISA related queries