10 of October

Citigold Associate Program

Career, Citi Handlowy

We would like to kindly encourage prospective candidates to apply for the next edition of the Citigold Associate Program – a development program in the Citigold segment. It is a free, full-time program which will run in nine Polish cities – in Warsaw, Gdynia, Poznań, Wrocław, Łódź, Cracow, Katowice, Bydgoszcz and Szczecin. The program starts on January 1 and covers a total of 20 positions, with candidates engaged under contracts of employment.

You are invited to read the interview with Michał Matak, Sales Support Manager in Wealth Management, Citigold Associate Coordinator, who will explain why it is worth taking part in the program.

Michał, who is the program designed for? Who can take advantage of it? Who should we recommend it to?

  • The program is designed for people who want to develop their career in banking, in the wealthy clients segment. It is worth bringing it to the attention of those who are interested in the world of finance, who want to work with clients and appreciate high quality and prestige. It is these people that we want to have on board as Citigold relationship managers.

Why these cities specifically?

  • Program participants will join the ranks of Citigold relationship managers in future. For this reason, the program is launched in every city where a Citigold branch is present.

Why is it worth taking part in the program?

  • Because it is a great chance and place for people who want to pursue a career at an institution which has a well-known and recognized brand and enjoys a high status in the wealthy clients segment. Program participants will be thoroughly groomed for taking up the position of a wealthy Client Relation Manager. We ensure high quality training, hands-on experience and supervision of a mentor. Combined with desirable qualities in candidates, this, I am sure, will ultimately guarantee success.

What qualities are you looking for in candidates?

  • We are looking for outgoing, independent, self-confident and persistent people with a positive attitude. Ready for significant effort. Important traits also include flexibility and ability to work as a part of the team and being well-organized.

What career development opportunities open up for the participants, after the program is over?

  • For 12 months, we are observing program participants: we are looking at their work, progress, commitment. Once the program ends, we would like them to stay with us and hone their skills as junior Citigold relationship managers.

How do you rate the first edition of the program?

  • We are now halfway through the first edition. When I started working on the Citigold Associate Program a year ago, I was convinced that it will provide a strong support for the Citigold segment. Despite initial organizational challenges, we can already see that it was a good decision. The launch of recruitment to the new program only confirms this. The first edition also means extensive knowledge of the direction we should take with this project and how it should evolve.

Thank you!