11 of July

Olsztyn: The 1st edition of the Postgraduate Program “Financial and Banking Services in Market Economy” is over

Career, Citi Service Center

We are pleased to let you know that last Saturday, the premises of the Faculty of Economic Sciences, University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn, hosted a round of final exams within the framework of the 1st edition of the Postgraduate Program "Financial and Banking Services in Market Economy" run under the auspices of Citi. All the students passed the exam, having demonstrated their knowledge before the Examination Board composed of the representatives of the University, Citi Handlowy and CSC Poland.

After the results of the final exams were announced, the successful entries submitted for "My bank is my partner" contest sponsored by Citi Handlowy were also presented. In addition to the first cash prize, two honorable mentions and diplomas for contest participants were awarded. The format adopted for the Program was appreciated by students and lecturers from UWM and SGH as an interesting educational alternative available on the market, combining theory with practice on how to develop professional qualifications of university graduates and adapt them to the needs of the labor market. The above-mentioned initiative serves as an example of a successful partnership between the University of Warmia and Mazury and Citigroup with regard to the promotion of entrepreneurship and development of financial education.

As a part of the initiative, Citi lecturers representing a number of organizational units discussed topics from a broadly understood field of banking, including banking operations (domestic, foreign, card-related, fiduciary, insurance), international securities markets, international finance, aspects of risk management at a bank and business continuity management, as well as outsourcing and crime in banking and finance in the 21st century.