15 of March

Terri Gerosa in "Career Plus": Women in the world of finance

Career, Citi Service Center

Kariera Plus"Career Plus", a guidebook dedicated for students, published an article involving Terri Gerosa, Head of the Citi Service Center Poland, who talks about her career path.

Terri says: I cooperated with experts in the field of security and technology, and I noticed that they have a different approach to problem solving. I had only to think, how to implement them in my business area. I always took great care to deliver work at highest level, so my partners, colleagues and superiors would know that I care about quality. This enabled them to trust me and therefore entrust greater responsibility.

And he adds that: Women are climbing higher and higher in organizations, but to embrace the highest positions, must go through successive stages in organization, and this takes time. I hope that in the next few years we will see the results of this climb.