14 of October

Citi Named Best Bank In Terms Of Leadership

Career, Citi Service Center

tp20global.jpgIn the annual Hay Group Best Companies for Leadership study the only bank that has been named to the TOP 20 world brands is Citigroup. The 2013 top 20 list includes companies which both in the opinion of their employees and business partners have the best leadership practices.

The list is compiled by Hay Group, a global consulting firm that has studied the Best Companies for Leadership since 2005. This year more than 18,000 individuals from 2,200 organizations took part in the study. The respondents were asked to rate the leadership development practices at their own organization and select three other organizations they think are the best in terms of leadership. The results of this year's study emphasize the importance of the capacity to do two challenging and often-contradictory things at once and the ability to simultaneously focus on innovation and operational excellence. The top companies in terms of leaderships are adept at innovation and at the same time they manage to achieve operational excellence even in challenging times when they need to deal with increasingly difficult business conditions.