26 of September

We completed this year's Summer Internship Program

Career, Citi Service Center

On 13th of September we ended our 2 and a half months long Summer Internship Program at Citi Handlowy and Citi Service Center. Almost 150 students carried out projects related to process improvement , market analysis and new technologies. The annual internship program has been very popular among students for years. For mamy of them it may be a start into a career in a global organization.

At the end of the Program the interns took part in a survey evaluating the Program. As many as 87% of the respondents would recommend the Summer Internship Program to their friends. They awarded the highest ratings for a friendly atmosphere at work, development opportunities and the international character of the company.

Maciej Derek, participant in the Summer Internship Program at CSC, AML concluded: When performing my tasks I was using both the theoretical knowledge acquired during my studies and the practical knowledge - acquired in the course of the internship. I have learned a lot for an international team I worked with, and at the same time I could use and improve my English skills. The Internship Program was also a great occasion to make friends with other interns and to carry out projects jointly working as one team. My adventure with Citi will continue as the Program has prepared me well for a job I am just about to start.

Among the activities that we prepared for the interns the ones that students liked best were volunteer projects and trainings.

The volunteering activities of the interns were of great support to the Association of the Friends of Street Children, running "Świder" Center. Thanks to the help of the interns, the youth from Otwock will be able to use renovated rooms and nice and clean surroundings will allow them to have a great time playing outdoor games.

Our experts shared their knowledge - we organized trainings for the interns in such areas as: Bourse Game, Risk Management, Project Management, Innovations, Building Relations.

As part of the Program the students were invited to take part in a competition for a video that would present their impressions from the Internship Program. A mobile phone with a video function, some determination and a few ideas were enough to take part in the competition. In my video I tried to illustrate different aspects of the internship, i.e. a volunteer day with the Kronenberg Foundation, internal job fairs prepared especially for the interns and informal meetings after working hours. - said Maciej Derek, one of the winners in the competition.

Thanks to the Summer Internship Program we acquire valuable employees, over 20 students have stayed with us just after the completion of their internship and many others are being recruited for specialist positions in Citi Service Center. I believe that next year our interns who will be completing their studies will join our company - said Joanna Grzeszkowska who is responsible for the Program in Citi Handlowy and Citi Service Center.