FX Order Watch

You set your exchange rate, and we'll do the rest

Wouldn't it be great to know that you could place currency trades in advance, safe in the knowledge that they will only be completed if rates hit the level you desire within your preferred timeframe?

Our new FX Order Watch service does the hard work for you, keeping a constant check on the currency markets.

How does it work?

FX Order Watch lets you set your own preferred exchange rate between two currencies – for example US Dollars and Euro.

First you tell your Relationship Manager the currencies you want to exchange and the rate at which you want to trade, as well as the term over which you want the deal to happen (between one day and 90 days).

You can choose from over 20 different currencies and place different types of orders:

Single order: You place one order and we make the trade if the currency hits your desired level within the timeframe. If it doesn’t the order expires.

One-cancel-other order: You place two orders at the same time. Whichever target is hit first, that trade is executed and the other order is automatically cancelled. If neither target is hit by the end of the term the order expires.

Once we take your order, we monitor the currency market 24 hours a day, and will only make the trade when the market rate hits your agreed level.

Who can benefit?

FX Order Watch is a valuable service for many of our global clients, especially those who already operate in a range of currencies.

It is particularly beneficial for experienced foreign currency traders, because it allows you to decide the exchange rate you want to trade at within an agreed period of time.

Also, if you have a specific view about which way you think currency markets will move, you can take advantage of this potentially occurring.  

Or if you simply want to diversify your assets across currencies, FX Order Watch could be ideal.

Help at hand

Our dedicated Treasury Sales Officers are members of your Relationship Services Team, and are happy to offer you their assistance in helping you achieve your Foreign Exchange needs.

This is in addition to the support from your Relationship Manager who can place currency orders for you, or change or cancel an existing order.

Because currency markets fluctuate, there is always a risk with any FX product that you could lose some of your capital if you make a trade and then decide to immediately switch back to your original currency. For this reason, our FX solutions, including FX Order Watch, are best suited to experienced investors, those who already operate in more than one currency, or those who are prepared to accept the risk that currencies can fluctuate. 

Please read the full terms and conditions of our FX Order Watch service.

If you want to know more about FX Order Watch get in touch with your Relationship Manager

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