Why invest in Offshore Accounts? Discover the power of Offshore Bank Accounts.

Benefits of investing offshore with Citi IPB

Access to investments and offshore accounts

Managing your wealth offshore can offer you a range of advantages:

  • If you live in a country where you would prefer not to hold all of your financial assets, you can invest your money the way you want through us.
  • You can access a diverse range of investments products and offshore bank accounts that might not be available in your home country.
  • There may be certain tax advantages to holding a portion of your wealth outside of your home country. This depends on where you live and where you pay tax.
  • Citi International Personal Bank does not offer tax advice and you should consult your tax or financial adviser to find out what is appropriate for your individual circumstances.

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Why choose Citi International Personal Bank?

  • When you join us you are allocated a dedicated Relationship Manager who is a fully qualified investment adviser. Our teams come from all over the world and often share your culture and background, speak your language, and are ideally placed to help you meet your goals.
  • Our wealth management experts based in London and Jersey will work with you to develop a portfolio that is individual to your circumstances, and adapts to your needs.
  • By joining us you are becoming a member of one of the world's largest financial services organisations, and putting your wealth with a company you can rely on.
  • We have a choice of offshore bank accounts and a wide range of investment management products to help you manage your wealth internationally, some of which you may not be able to access in your own country.

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Take advantage of offshore investing and offshore accounts at Citi International Personal Bank

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