Fees and important Citi International Personal Bank documents

Some of the documentation is different for London and Jersey clients because they fall under different regulators – The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and The Jersey Financial Services Commission (JFSC). Where this is the case we have made it clear which documents apply to which centre.

If you have any questions on our important documents please contact your Relationship Manager or contact us in whichever way suits you best.

Please Note: There are two legal entities available in our London centre (Citibank N.A., London Branch and Citibank International Limited). Clients are booked into the appropriate entity according to their residency and other individual circumstances.

We are currently in the process of merging Citibank International Limited, our UK head-quartered bank, into our pan-European bank, Citibank Europe plc, which is headquartered in Ireland.

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How to join us and start banking and investing offshore
General Terms and Conditions (includes Best Execution and Conflicts of Interest Policies)
Fee Schedule
Key facts about our services and costs (advisory, self selection, fee menu, non UK investors)
Transferring funds internationally
Feedback and complaints
Are there any documents available in my language?

How to join us and start banking and investing

If you want to apply for an account you can do so by following our simple application process.

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General Terms and Conditions (includes Best Execution and Conflicts of Interest Policies)

The General Terms and Conditions explain in detail all the important information you should know before joining Citi International Personal Bank.

Our Best Execution Policy explains how we consistently work to achieve the best possible prices and results for you on any financial order you place with us.

The Conflicts of Interest Policy outlines the procedures we have in place to identify, consider and manage potential conflicts of interest, and protect the integrity of our relationships with retail, institutional and other clients.

Citibank NA

Citibank N.A., London Branch

Citibank Limited

Citibank International Limited

Citibank Jersey

Citibank N.A. Jersey Branch (510kb)

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Fee schedules

Fee Schedule for London and Jersey branches

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Key facts about our services and costs

If you are taking out an investment product with us it is important that you understand what type of advisory services we offer as well as the type of fees we charge. The documents below explain the ‘key facts' about our offshore investment services.

Key facts for NA., London Branch

Key facts for Citibank N.A., Jersey Branch

Key facts for Citibank International Limited

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Transferring funds internationally

We make it easy for you to transfer funds across the world, securely and quickly. For more information refer to our global fund transfers section.

Transferring funds

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Feedback and complaints

Understanding what you want from us and your thoughts on our service is vital to us. We want to ensure we are continually providing the best service possible.

Give feedback or make a complaint

Read detailed information on our complaints policy:

Complaint process for London, Citibank N.A., and Citibank International Limited clients

Complaint process for Jersey (42kb)

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Are there any documents available in my language?

There are currently no translated documents available online, but documents will be uploaded as they are ready. In the mean time, to find out the contact details of a Relationship Manager that speaks your language, please visit our multi-lingual page.

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