Forex Exchange and the Foreign Exchange Market

Control your money in the currency of your choice

The modern world is a global one and Citi International Personal Bank understands that you need access to your money across the world in a wide range of currencies.

Our foreign exchange products and services, have been created to give you easy and quick access to the foreign exchange market in the currency of your choice, and to enable you to benefit from fluctuations in exchange rates.

Download our Foreign Exchange solutions brochure explaining all the benefits of our Foreign Exchange products in detail.

Forex Exchange

Our Foreign Exchange service allows you to change a wide range of currencies at today's exchange rates. In addition to transferring money between your accounts, you can also access your money across the world in the local currency via our extensive ATM network.

Foreign Exchange service

Dual Currency Placements

A Dual Currency Placement is an investment product that allows you to benefit from fluctuations in exchange rates. Such a dual currency investment offers potentially high rates of interest and is ideal if you have equal exposure to two currencies. They are for sophisticated investors only who are comfortable exchanging and investing in currencies.

Dual Currency Placements

FX Order Watch

You set the rate, and we'll do the rest.

Wouldn't it be great to know that you could place currency trades in advance, safe in the knowledge that they will only be completed if rates hit the level you desire within your preferred timeframe?

Our new FX Order Watch service does the hard work for you, keeping a constant check on the currency markets.

FX Order Watch
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