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Access a world of product opportunities designed for smart international investors

Our global wealth products help you to grow your wealth, secure your financial position and make the most of your money over the long term. With our help and advice you can feel fully involved in your international investment strategy.

Structured Notes

Protect your investment and benefit from potentially high returns.

Mutual Funds

Make the most of your wealth with your choice of over 450 funds.

International Brokerage

Quick and easy global trading across 24 countries.

Time Deposits

Grow your wealth without risking your capital.


Borrow money when you need it without having to sell your investments.

Foreign Exchange Solutions

Manage risk and take advantage of currency volatility with our Foreign Exchange Service.

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Multi Currency Cash Accounts

Move money across the globe quickly and easily, and access your cash from across the world using your Citi Debit Card and our local network of ATMs.

Manage your money internationally