A better online banking experience

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    Enhanced security

    Online security is one of our priorities and it's important to us that our clients are confident that our technology provides the highest levels of safety and protection.

    We now provide state-of-the-art security measures, including our new One Time Password system, which gives you an extra layer of protection against online fraud. When you perform certain actions, such as activating your card, Citibank Online will now ask you to input a One Time Password. This password will be sent via SMS to your mobile phone, allowing you to complete your request.

    To benefit from this, it's essential we have your up-to-date details, including your mobile phone number.

    Please update your contact details by calling your Relationship Manager or if you are already a Citibank Online user by logging onto your account.

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    Service Centre

    The new online Service Centre focuses on giving you more control over how you manage your money.

    You can activate your replacement Debit card, block a damaged card or order a replacement card at a time that is convenient to you.

    These features were previously only available through your Relationship Manager, and that service remains available for you.

    The Service Centre also enables you to view your E-Statements and manage your messages.

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    Alerting Service

    Wherever you are in the world, our new Alerting Service gets the information that matters straight to your fingertips – either by SMS to your mobile phone or by email.

    You can choose the alerts package you prefer, so your messages will be customised to your needs. Charges may apply to some alerts packages.

    You can tell us if you want to be informed when a transaction takes place, get balance updates or be alerted when someone tries to access your account.

    To benefit from this, it's essential we have your up-to-date details, including your mobile phone number.

    Please update your contact details by calling your Relationship Manager or if you are already a Citibank Online user by logging onto your account

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    Global View of Accounts

    Our new My Citi page gives you an international view of the money you hold with certain Citi businesses, in addition to your Citi International Personal Bank Account.

    On this page you can register your various sign on details, so you will be able to see an up-to-date summary of each of your accounts, including your current balances.

    Transactions and changes will still need to be done on the specific website of the different Citi businesses, but by viewing your balances in one place you can quickly get an overall summary of your global financial position.

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    Payments and Transfers

    We know you'd like your money to be transferred into your account as quickly as possible, so we have enhanced our Fund Transfer facility to make it faster.

    You can now get funds transferred directly into your account by quoting your account number and using the Bank's new SWIFT code. This saves time as the process no longer needs to be done manually – the transfer is direct and fast.

    Details of how to make quicker transfers are highlighted in these documents.

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    My Profile

    We have enabled our clients to personalise their online banking experience, so that you see the features that are important to you.

    The My Profile page can be customised to your needs - select the specific online services that you want, update your personal details, and alter your preferences so that Citibank Online shows you the information that you want.

    You can also manage your Debit card, access your E-Statements and choose the Alerting service options that best meets your needs.

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    My Citi

    The My Citi page has been enhanced as part of our commitment to make online banking easier for our clients.

    As before, you can see all of your accounts on this page, but now you can also choose to view each of them in the currency of your choice, rather than just in US Dollars.

    There are also new quick links to some of our new features and benefits, so you can make faster Fund Transfers, book Time Deposits and access your E-Statements.

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    Control your Investments

    You want to be able to act on your investment decisions, whenever suits you and wherever you are in the world – and we have made changes to our technology to give you more control over your investments.

    Previously when you placed an order online for securities via our International Brokerage Service, it was sent to your Relationship Manager to input manually. We have now streamlined our process so that when you place such an order for many of our exchanges (including some of the highly traded U.S. exchanges) the order is placed straight with the brokers. Please be aware that this service is not available for all exchanges.

    You can also clearly view and manage your Mutual Funds and your International Brokerage investments.

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