08 of June

#DiversityMatters: Citi at Equality Parade in Warsaw

Citi Service Center

Saturday June 8th marked the first time in history that the Citi s in Poland had participated in the Pride Parade in Warsaw. It was colorful, with a friendly and cheerful atmosphere and the day filled with positive energy and smiles. Citi employees all over the world have been taking part in similar events for years, for example in New York, London or Budapest.

The group of 100 participants comprised representatives of all our networks – Women’s Network, Pride Network, Parents’ Network and Disability Network and Multicultural Network which was reflected on the banners we carried. Thus, our Colleagues, dressed in uniform T-shirts with the Citi logo, expressed the support of our organization for diversity – which is one of the pillars of Citi’s culture worldwide.  

From different directions, we are often asked – why as a company do we get involved in such initiatives? I can answer this question without a moment’s hesitation – because we believe in our values, we are not ashamed of them and we want the world to know that in our organization everyone can be themselves. Thus, we draw attention to the need to respect other people and highlight that it is our good ideas, our potential, kindness and openness, competences and ability to cooperate with others that count – no matter what our gender, origin, family circumstances or sexual orientation are.