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Foreign Exchange Trading and Foreign Exchange Services

Convert a wide range of currencies and transfer funds securely across the globe

International clients need a truly global bank, and Citi International Personal Bank understands that, as part of your investment management, you need to manage your wealth in a range of different currencies, and transfer money securely. One week you may be in London, the next in Paris, and being able to access your wealth quickly and easily is essential. Or you may invest in different markets and want to take advantage of exchange rates.

Foreign Exchange Trading

Our Foreign Exchange services allow you to convert a wide range of currencies, at Citi's market exchange rates. In addition, with our offshore multi-currency Cash Account, you can go to any Citibank ATM around the world and withdraw your own money in the local currency – a fast and easy way to access your cash, wherever you are.

Plus you can transfer funds immediately and fee-free to Citibank accounts to 25 countries with our global funds transfer service.

Which countries can you make fee-free Citibank international money transfer to?

  • Australia
  • Hong Kong
  • Singapore
  • Bahrain
  • India (selected locations)
  • Spain
  • Belgium
  • Indonesia
  • Taiwan
  • China
  • Jersey
  • UAE (United Arab Emirates)
  • Colombia
  • London
  • United Kingdom
  • Egypt
  • Mexico
  • USA (selected locations)
  • Germany
  • Philippines
  • Vietnam
  • Greece
  • Poland
  • Guam

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