What to expect

Day 1: Introduction

On Your first day at Citi You are welcomed by Your manager and get introduced to Your colleagues, other teams within the department and the managers

You are also given a department tour including place to chill out, vending machines, kitchen, refrigerator, emergency exit. You review the work schedule, information security policy and  dress code with Your Manager

You also get assigned to a Buddy who will provide your further assistance and help you getting to know the office and the surroundings.


Week 1: Let’s get started

During your first week at Citi You review job responsibilities, competencies, and expectations.

You discuss your organization chart, relevant to your business function with your manager. You receive the necessary accesses so your functional training can get started with the help of your colleagues.

You also get signed up to the internal Social Network of Citi so you can join groups according to your interest and get the latest news on your department.



Month 1: Work in progress

During your first month at Citi You spend your days with learning from your colleagues; you get to know the details of your job function and the people you will work with.

At Citi great emphasis is placed on the employee satisfaction so by the end of your first month at Citi you will learn more about the group which represents the employees.


Month 1-3: Ready, steady, go!

By the end of your third month at Citi you will have acquired all the necessary knowledge for your job functions. You have already attended several online trainings and on-the-job trainings as well so You are prepared to work alone.

You have also  participated in the On-boarding training program provided to the newcomers and you became familiar with Citi Culture and Citi Values. You have become familiar with the major products and departments of the Citi Shared Service Center.


Month 3-6: Life at Citi beyond work

You get introduced to the Social Groups and offered a chance to participate in different activities and events. Whether you are interested in charity, animals or green initiatives, You will find a group to join.

Citi Shared Service in Budapest is proud to have several social groups, including disAbilty Network, Citi Pride Network, Green Team and Volunteer Committee.

Happy Anniversary


By the end of your first year at Citi You

• had a chance to spend a day with your colleagues and do some charity work at the Citi Global Community Day.
• have made lovely memories at the off-site events with your colleagues
• have participated in several Award ceremonies where Citi celebrates colleagues for their outstanding performances
• had a chance to participate in one of the many charity events organized by Citi
• have improved your health by joining one or more of the fitness groups
• have been offered a huge variety of free trainings: from Excel skills to Effective Communication
• have made friends from all over the world and got to know several countries and cultures