Employee Engagement


We see diversity as a source of strength. Therefore, our priority is to foster a culture that attracts the best of the best, where people are promoted on their merit, where we value others and expect respect from them in turn, and where opportunities for development are widely available to all - regardless of differences.


Citi Roots Network Hungary's mission is to promote Citi as an Employer of Choice for existing and potential employees, through the development of cultural diversity and initiatives that foster inclusiveness, innovation and equal opportunities for all - regardless of culture, and in doing so contribute to improving the profitability and sustainability of Citi as a whole.



Citi Pride Network Hungary is in partnership with the Citi Diversity office and the other diversity network groups provide a forum to develop, sustain and promote Citi's diversity policies and initiatives. Foster an environment of inclusiveness, respect, equality where lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender employees can feel safe about their lives and can make a full and meaningful contribution to corporate objectives.



Citi Women's Network Hungary's mission is to provide a forum to inspire our members, share professional knowledge, best practice experience within Citi, help to develop soft skills, build networking and promote teamwork, regardless of gender, and in doing so improve the profitability and sustainability of Citi as a whole. To be a catalyst for attracting and retaining talent and promoting women leaders at Citi.


The mission of the Hungarian Citi Parents Network is to establish a supportive professional network for those Citi employees who would like to exchange their ideas, practices and strategies on how to balance the demands and responsibilities of family and career.


The mission of the Citi disABILITY Network Hungary is to provide thought leadership, advocacy, community access and resources that ensure Citi is an employer and financial services provider of choice, for people with disabilities. The Network has a set of goals which include, amongst others, activities to create a more connected and aware employee base, a feeling of inclusion and a greater sense of equality. The Network is aiming to organize events for Citi employees to raise attention and ensure that more and more of us feel involvement in the understanding of diversity.


Through active employee engagement in Citi Green Team Budapest initiatives at Citi we will be a voice and platform to drive sustainability change, improve Citi’s environmental performance, enhance our relationships with the local communities, provide opportunities for individual growth and development through environmental practices