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Program Management

First check if you have chosen the correct option to enter your registration details. For Program Administrators, you need to select ‘Self Registration For Non Cardholders’ option from log-in page. If it still does not work, please reach out to our Technical Helpdesk - -
CitiManager allows Program Administrators to reset the CitiManager Password on behalf of the Cardholder, however you / the cardholder must contact Citi Customer Service to reset challenge questions. Please follow below steps to reset password for a cardholder or activate their account
  1. Login to CitiManager
  2. Click on the 2nd icon in the right panel (Manger User -> User Search)
  3. Search and select the Card you would like to reset the password or activate the account for
  4. On the right hand side you will see 2 options 1) Reset Password 2) Activate or Deactivate user
If you are calling as a Program Administrator, when asked for card number please type the following code instead: 87 53 92 47. You will be transferred to a Customer Service agent directly. For security reasons, you will be asked verification questions before your request is processed.
Kindly use the Forgot User | Forgot Password option available in CitiManager home screen. After successful validation, you will be sent an automated email with your User ID or temporary password. Kindly follow the steps outlined in this Video. Alternatively you can check with any other Program Administrator.
Cardholders can download CitiManager mobile app from Playstore or Appstore. Capabilities of a Mobile App include
1. Card Activation
2. View PIN
3. View account summary and balance
4. Ability to authorize e-commerce transaction via Biometrics and lot more
The App is available for cardholders also works for merged profiles (Cardholder + Program Admin) profile.
Please refer attached excel file which outlines the changes which are available for Cardholder and Program Administrator.
Critical changes like limit change, email and contact number change, card status, card delivery indicator, cost centre and its details are processed real-time. All other maintenance are processed in batch and it takes one business day to take effect.
Note : Fields that will not update real-time will show a “§” after the field title.
You can review changes made on a single card in Maintenance Log available once you select the account under Manage Users -> Account Maintenance or under View Request by searching for the Request ID
Maintenance Log: From CitiManager you can also download reports which outline maintenance done for the program. If you do not have access to this report, please speak to your Citi representative.
This access can be provided only to PAs with Level 1 access
You can download reports from CitiManager which outlines maintenance done on your Program. If you do not have access to this report, please speak to your Citi representative.
1. Login to CitiManager
2.Click on the 3rd icon in the right panel (Manger Card Program -> Reports)
3. Select ‘CitiManager_Maintenance_Log_Report’ and select the period you would like to review changes for
Caution : This report is at Program level and will include all hierarchy/department under the program.
Yes, changes made on behalf of cardholder online will trigger an alert to cardholder with name of the PA who requested the change.
Yes, CitiManager online application allows Program Administrators to process bulk update to Cardholder records including changes to credit limit. Kindly follow the steps outlined in the attached Bulk Online Maintenance guide.
Program Administrators can send an email to highlighting the Card number, the existing name, and the new name you wish to change to. Our Back-Office team will ensure the name is updated in CitiManager and if requested, a new card will be issued with the updated name.
This change requires special handling, please reach out to your Customer Account Specialist or Implementation Manager who will be able to coordinate within Citi for this change.
Yes, as a PA you can update your alert preferences under 'Alerts Subscription' section available on the left hand side menu panel of your CitiManager login, following the below steps will enable/modify email alert setting for all cardholders.
If you like to update or amend alerts for the program, please follow the below path - 'Manage Card Program' > 'Set Alerts' > 'Choose the hierarchy' > Make the changes you wish in the next screen and click 'Continue' > Review the changes made and click 'Save‘.
Note : Signing-up for SMS alert requires consent from Cardholders. Steps on how to do this is are outlined in this Video
‘Reporting’ tool (Available as an option under CitiManager Web Tools) capture these details. The attributes are that show where a card is linked are hierarchy level and hierarchy level name attributes (Hierarchy Level 3’ ‚Hierarchy level 3 name’).
Hierarchy details appear at application level in CitiManager, however if there are changes to Card hierarchy, we recommend you refer to CitiManager Report tool
Yes, we understand changes like movement of employees from one department to the other is an integral part of corporate culture. However, movement of this nature requires special handling and we request you to send such request to our Operations team
Alternate Point of Contact (APOC) is a functionality available for cardholders who need assistance for their everyday card management. Cardholders can follow the steps outlined in the attached presentation to add an Alternate user.
Cards during on-boarding are automatically linked to their CitiManager User ID. For some reason if the Card is not linked to your CitiManager ID and you would like to manually link the Card, follow steps outlined in Video (Refer 3:20 onwards).
Kindly login to CitiManager – My Profile and update your contact details. For Program Administrators, we request you to also notify Citi by sending an email to Customer Account Specialist Team or Implementation Manager since details need to be changed in our backend system as well. For some markets, additional form may be required.
Citi recommends to keep both Cardholder and PA profile separately. However if you would like to merge the profiles, please follow the steps outlined in the Video (Refer 2:01 onwards).
You can unblock MCC at Profile level but not at an individual card level. This can be achieved by sending an email to or liaise with your Customer Account Specialist Citi recommends Program Administrators to frequently review their transaction declines and assess if an MCC needs to be unblocked.
To make changes to your CTA/Lodge card details, please fill in the attached form and send to your Customer Account Specialist or
Q20 CB Lodge
Q20 IB Lodge
Central Travel Account (CTA) statement gets generated 5 days from the statement data with enhanced data. If you don’t see any enhanced data, there could be a problem with the configuration. Please reach out to your Customer Account Specialist who will be able to review your program configuration.
This request requires special handling, please reach out to your Customer Account Specialist or Implementation Manager who will be able to coordinate within Citi for this request.
You can discuss program expansion with your Citi Customer Account Specialist. They will be able to coordinate within Citi for this request.

If your company has already enabled the PA creates PA feature (your Regional Service Manager can help you confirm) and its available to existing PA users, we recommend that you use the PA self-service administration module and request an existing PA internally to entitle the new PA.

If none of the PAs within your company have this feature enabled, you can request to get the new PA added using the Global PA Form or entitle existing PAs with these entitlements in order to create other PAs. The user guide explaining PA self-service administration is available here.

You can also request to add a new PA via the Global PA Form – if you don’t have the latest version, please contact your Implementation Manager or Regional Service Manager.

For most European countries, only a scan of the form (signed by the new PA and Authorizing Officer) is sufficient. However, for some markets, a paper wet ink signed form needs to be provided – all country specific requirements are listed in the PA Form Instructions document attached to the PA form.

For the following markets it is possible to request view only access without submitting a signed PA form: Europe (CEP), Pakistan, Kenya, Kuwait, Nigeria, South Africa and UAE.

Each PA with access to a particular program can request view only access to this program for another person (non-PA). In order to make such request, the PA should complete the attached Excel template (View Only User Access Form) and send it via email to the Customer Account Specialist or Implementation Manager.
The numbers can be found here. Additionally, the cardholders local number can be found on the back of their corporate card.

There are two types of insurance offered: travel inconvenience and corporate liability waiver. To find out more, please contact Customer Service.

As a Program Administrator you can close a card in CitiManager. Please go to Manage Users -> Account Maintenance, select a card, confirm country and language to display a form. Once in the form, please use the drop-down list to change card status to A) – voluntary closure. This will close the card permanently.

CitiManager – Card Application and Card Delivery

Passcode setup is the very first step to the Card application journey. Please follow steps outlined in the attached presentation. Yes the passcode assigned by you can be used by other PAs as well.
To prevent a user from creating multiple user IDs, CitiManager looks for unique values in two fields
Set 1 : Is the cardholder using a User ID which is already in use/taken?
Set 2: Does the First Name, Last Name and Email address match with any existing user in the database?
If a positive match is found in any of the field set outlined above, the system will not allow duplication in user ID creation. If you are an existing user of CitiManager, we recommend you to leverage our online service of Forgot User Name or Forgot Password If you are a new user, please try a different User ID.
Please refer to the online Video which outlines the navigation step on ‘How to Apply for Card’ as both a new user and an existing user.
CitiManager online tool allows cardholder to setup their Transaction PIN (APIN) in application form. This new PIN can be viewed anytime by logging into CitiManager Desktop or Mobile App.
PIN cannot be changed on CitiManager and if a cardholder wants to change a PIN, this is available in selected ATMs.
Citi’s Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system allows PIN change in Turkey, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Russia markets.
TPIN can be created via IVR by calling our customer service. Citi recommends cardholders create a TPIN as this simplifies identity verification process for cardholder while calling Citi Customer Service
CitiManager Card application process gives you and your employees the best digital experience, however there are a few in-country regulatory requirement which Citi has to abide with. These are as follows:
  • Pakistan: Foreign nationals in Pakistan have to send scanned copy of Passport and Pakistani Visa to Wet-sign applications not required
  • Turkey: Scanned national ID for Turkish Citizen. A copy of Passport + Residence Permit/ identity number for Foreign nationals should be sent to Wet-sign applications not required
  • Ukraine: Card applicant has to print the online form, sign and send originals to the address shown in the Application
  • Kazakhstan: Card applicant has to print the online form, sign and send originals to the address shown in the Application
  • Russia: Card applicant has to print the online form, sign and send originals to the address shown in the Application
Once the application is approved by a PA, the standard dispatch time is 7-10 working days.
Rush delivery comes with an additional cost, (i) A single card to a single delivery address: $72, (ii) Multiple cards batched to a single delivery address: $50 per card. Please refer the contract pricing sheet (Schedule C) to know the charges.
You can request a rush card delivery by sending an email to our Please remember to specify
  1. Application ID (Starts with E0000xxxx) or your Card number (For lost and stolen or Damage Card request) and
  2. Your agreement to the cost
CitiManager online tool allows Cardholders to activate their Card Online. Please refer to the Video on the steps a cardholder needs to follow to activate the card.
Reporting Lost and Stolen will soon be made available online. There are 2 ways to report the Card as Lost and Stolen:
  1. Calling Citi Customer service
  2. You can also report a Lost/stolen/suspected fraud Corporate Card by filling the form below and send it to
Lost and Stolen

Payments and Dispute

Bank account details for payment transfer and instructions on how to transfer are outlined in cardholder’s statements available in CitiManager. A copy of the account details are also available in CitiManager FAQ - Payment Information Document for EMEA Countries.
CitiManager allows you to access statement from the previous 6 years. Please follows steps outlined in this Video to access statement. Billed statements can be downloaded in CSV, Excel and PDF format and Un-billed transactions in CSV and excel format
For Individually Billed programs, please mention the 16 digit card number and for Centrally Billed program, please mention the 16 digit centrally billed account number displayed in CitiManager statement.
To avoid forex conversion issues and to ensure the correct outstanding blalance is received, we do not process cross currency payments. Citi systems expect the payment to be received in Card currency
Payment transferred with 16 digit card/account number in the Payment reference field or following the format prescribed by Citi will be allocated within 2 Business days.
If you have issues with your Payments not being posted on time, you can liaise with Customer Account Specialist Team or Implementation Manager.
CitiManager provides an online capability to apply for SEPA Direct Debit. Please refer to Video. For Non-EUR markets, process varies by country. Kindly refer to instructions outlined in ‘Direct Debit Mandate form’ saved in CitiManager FAQ
Note: These mandate forms do not apply if you have an Individually Billed Corporate Collect and Pay (IBCCP) Setup with Citi. For IBCCP mandate forms, please liaise with your Citi client representative
Late fees are charged on the account if the payment is not received on or before the due date as printed on the card statement.
Note: Please refer to your contract schedule C to see specific information on the Late payment charges and Payment term.
CitiManager sends a real-time alert to Cardholders upon a transcation being declined and also outlines the reason for decline. As Program Administrator, you can decide to sign-up for these alerts or follow the steps outlined below:
  • Login to CitiManager
  • Click on the 2nd icon in the right panel (Manger User -> Card Account)
  • Search and select the Card, you would like to see the Authorization and Declines for
  • Under Statements, click on ‘Recent’ and under ‘Recent Activity’ click on VIEW AUTHORIZATIONS
CitiManager statement outlines the date by when payment is due, if payment is not received on or before the due date, the cards goes into delinquency. When a card balance skips 3 consecutive dues dates, the system automatically places a temporary block and the ability to transact is suspended. The card will be automatically unblocked when payment is received and posted on the card account. In the event the card outstanding crosses 7 consecutive dues dates, the card will not be automatically unblocked and would require special approval from Program Administrator.
60 days from statement date. There are some in-country exceptions:
Belgium: 90 days from statement date
France: 70 days from transaction date
CitiManager allows both Cardholder and Program Administrator to dispute the transaction. please follow the instruction outlined in Video.
CitiManager online dispute capability provides you the ability to dispute a fraudulent transaction, please follow the instructions outlined in Video.
If you have disputed the transaction before the payment due date of the transaction in question, then no. Citi will provide temporary credit within one business day of dispute submission online. Please refer to the Video on how a transaction can be disputed.
Yes. Citimanager online capability allows cardholders and Program Administrators to raise a credit balance refund request online. Kindly follow the steps outlined in the Video.

CitiManager Reporting

There are 2 reporting tools available in CitiManager:
  1. CitiManager -> Manager Card Program -> Reports : This reporting tool has the below standard report
    • User Activity Report
    • Dispute Ageing Report
    • Maintenance Log Report
  2. CitiManager -> Web Tools -> Reporting : This reporting tool has circa 76 standard reports e.g. Card Usage Report, Payment Due Report, Direct Debit Flag Report
We recommend you register for Training (Access via CitiManager – Web Tools – Learning Center) and learn how to use these report to effectively manage your Program.
Yes, you may schedule automated report delivery in CitiManager Reporting tool. A Daily/Weekly/Monthly or Cycle based subscription can be made for reports in the tool. You can choose to login and download the report or have the report delivered to your email address via secure email.
Please contact your designated Client Account Specialist or contact our customer service ‘Contact Us
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