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Our extensive Russian team come from across Russia, the Ukraine and Latvia and all speak Russian and English fluently. In addition they speak Ukrainian, German and Hebrew.

The Russian team is extremely experienced in the financial services market. Many have over 10 years' experience in banking, working all over the world with Citi, Sberbank and other well-known financial institutions.

They have graduated from a range of universities including Odessa Polytechnik, Cass Business School in London, Arkhangelsk State University and Leeds Business School and hold degrees in business, financial risk management, international finance and corporate banking.

They love working in London because it is a major financial centre and because they get to live in a multi-cultural environment, but they miss the sunny Russian summers and the snow in the winter.

A few members of our Russian team

Nataliya Shabanova

Nataliya Shabanova

vetlana Smirnova

Svetlana Smirnova

Tatyana Savchuk

Tatyana Savchuk

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