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With Citi International Personal Bank you can trade equities across the world, allowing you to diversify your portfolio and help spread your risk across a wide range of currencies, locations and markets.

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What is equity investment?

Equity investment is when you buy one or more shares in a company and invest directly in that business.

You buy your shares and receive returns in the form of a dividend which the company may choose to pay – often annually, but it can be at the company's discretion. In addition the value of your equity investment may increase or fall depending on the underlying value of the company. As a shareholder you may have the ability to vote at the company's Annual General Meeting.

For many investors, equity trading is a key part of their overall wealth management strategy and, if you want to diversify your investment across the globe, equity trading via a wealth management firm is one method of doing this.

What can you invest in?

You can choose from any companies listed on exchanges in 24 different countries and diversification helps to spread your risk. Many investors have shares in companies across sectors and regions for this reason.

Because our International Brokerage service is non-advisory, it is suitable for sophisticated investors who know what they want to trade and understand the risks involved.

Examples of different equities

Some of these financial products are complex investments that allow investors the opportunity to undertake equity trading in international markets, without directly buying shares on overseas exchanges. We do not provide advice, but if you know what and where you want to trade, we make it happen quickly and easily.

Preferred shares

As well as being able to buy and sell shares we also offer access to preferred shares which are issued over a fixed period of time with an agreed rate of interest. Holders of preferred shares have priority over standard shareholders for payment of dividends, but they have no voting rights.

Exchange-traded Funds, Notes and Commodities

You can also use our International Brokerage service to invest in Exchange-Traded Funds, which are pooled investment products that track stock market indices – such as the FTSE 100 for example.

By pooling your money with other investors you can get quick access to stock market performance while helping spread risk across all of the companies within a particular index. Exchange-Traded Funds are traded on stock exchanges in the same way as individual stocks.

You can also access Exchange-Traded Notes which are effectively a combination of a bond and an Exchange-traded Fund (they are a form of open-ended debt security where the return is linked to a market index). Plus you can buy or sell Exchange-traded Commodities which allow you to gain exposure to commodities without actually taking delivery of the commodity or trading futures.

Depository Receipts

Further options with the International Brokerage service include the ability to buy and sell American Depository Receipts and Global Depository Receipts. American Depositary Receipts are certificates issued by US banks that hold actual shares of a company's stock.

Global Depository Receipts are certificates issued by a depository bank which buys shares in foreign companies. They allow you to benefit from the movement of share values of companies in developing countries for example, without having to purchase the stock directly.

The minimum amount required to invest via our International Brokerage service is US$10,000 per purchase (or currency equivalent).There is no minimum amount required if you place your order via Citibank Online.

Take advantage of our International Brokerage

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