Global Development Program in IT - Mainframe Systems

Global Development Program in IT - Mainframe Systems at Citi Service Center is addressed to students in their last two years of studies as well as graduates (maximum two years after graduation). We are looking for candidates who are interested in studying mainframe technology and want to become experts in that field.

In the course of the Program the participants will have an opportunity to take part in an 8-week training course devoted to mainframe technology, and then develop their skills under the guidance of the best specialists from all over the world.

An ideal candidate should:

  • Be a student in his/her last year of studies, or a graduate in Technology/IT
  • Be fluent in English. Spanish would be an additional advantage
  • Be highly motivated to pursue a career in IT and willing to constantly expand his/her knowledge
  • Be proactive and able to work on tight deadlines
  • Have well-developed soft skills, including communication and influence skills
  • Interests in mainframe computing will be greatly appreciated


We have closed the application process for the Program.

The recruitment process consists of the following stages: resume selection, telephone conversation, interview, on-line tests, and Assessment Center in English.

The team formed in Warsaw will be the nucleus of a new, first of its type team in Europe. In 2014, we are starting to provide services for the mainframe platform in the follow-the-sun mode, which means that people located in Poland over the course of their work day, will support mainframe devices located all over the world.

The first stage of the program is an 8-week training course conducted by specialists from the IBM company, - the main manufacturer of mainframe, and by experienced Citi experts. After the theoretical part, the Program participants will form a team which will gradually take over increasingly difficult tasks associated with the support and maintenance of the platform, under the supervision of experts located all over the world.
The Program does not have an expiration date - all participants will become the full time employees of Citi with open-ended contracts.

The name mainframe refers to a group of computers able to simultaneously process a number of operations. They are characterized by high efficiency in input and output operations and very high multitasking capabilities. Large files (up to several terabytes in size) are nothing unusual for such systems. That is why they are used for purposes such as processing financial operations or large databases containing customer data. Mainframe systems are used only by the largest and the most prestigious institutions in the world.

The employees of the Command Center offer continuous, round the clock, monitoring and maintenance of the IT environment of Citi all over the world. The responsibilities of the unit include: data processing, ensuring availability of production systems, and problem management and support for critical incidents. Employment in the Command Centre allows one to gain a “behind the scenes” understanding of the functioning of a global institution in the context of IT disciplines and their correlations with the financial environment. Additionally, it provides an opportunity to learn more about the  state-of-the-art technologies and to dynamically interact with Citi employees all over the world.

By taking part in the Program you will be able to join an elite group of mainframe technology experts in Poland. It is an opportunity to acquire unique knowledge, very rarely taught at universities, as well as chance to work with world class IT technology, which is rather scarce in Poland.