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Please note: The Phillips 66 Aviation credit cards are issued by Citibank, N.A. ConocoPhillips Company has entered into a relationship with Citibank to offer Phillips 66 Aviation credit cards to its customers.

Receiving Customer Service:

  How can I call Customer Service about my account?
  Where can I mail my credit card payment?
  How can I pay my bill?
  Will I automatically receive a new card when my card expires?
  How can I access my credit card account online?
  Once I register, when can I begin making online payments?
  What account services are available to me online?
  Is there a fee for Online Services?
  When are my online payments credited to my account?
  Do you charge a fee to pay online?
  Will I continue to receive statements in the mail if I pay my bill online?
  What services are available over the phone?
  Do you offer customer service assistance for the deaf and/or hearing
Applying for a Credit Card:

  How do I apply for a card?
  Is it secure to apply online?
  How old do I have to be to get a credit card?
  Do I have to be a resident of the United States to get a Phillips 66
  Aviation credit card?
  Why do you need my Social Security number?
  Why do you need to know my income?
  If an authorized user is added to the account, will their credit be
  checked as well?
  What is the credit limit?
  What if I don't answer all of the questions on the application?
  How will I be notified if my application is approved?
  How long will it take to receive my card?
  How can I check the status of my submitted application if I have not
  received my card(s) or a response letter?
Using Your Credit Card:

  Where can I use my card?
  How can I find a gas station if I'm on the road or an FBO when I'm
  planning a flight?
  Do most stations allow you to pay at the pump?
  Is there an extra fee for ordering cards on my account for family
  members or business associates?
  Is there a fee to replace a lost or stolen card?
  Can I use my card to get extra cash?
  Is my account revolving or non-revolving?
  Are there late payment fees?
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