Card linkage

Buy breakfast in Sterling and lunch in Dollars, with a single card for all your Citi accounts

As a Citi client, you can hold accounts in multiple currencies and access whichever one you choose using one single debit card. For maximum convenience, you can link your Citi Debit Card to any of your eligible currency accounts in just a few moments with Citi Online.

For example, if you live in the UK but travel regularly to Europe or the United States, a quick visit to Citi Online is all it takes to change your card between your accounts. The change is instant, allowing you to pay for goods and withdraw cash in the appropriate currency as soon as you reach your destination.

How to change your card linkage

Sign in to Citi Online and click on 'Card Linkage' found under 'My Profile' in the top menu and follow the simple instructions, or use the quick link on your 'My Citi' homepage. Our interactive Online demo shows you how to change your card linkage.

If you haven't already registered for Citi Online, it's quick and easy. Just ensure you have your Citi Debit Card details and mobile phone number to hand Register for Citi Online.