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Citi International Personal Bank press releases

Past and present documents:

Czech Customers get easier access to global investment opportunities – June 2010 (34kb)

Hungary’s affluent customers get International Portfolio Diversification Solutions – May 2010 (32kb)

On the street – G20 build confidence at any cost – April 2009 (52kb)

Jersey bonus campaign – March 2008 (112kb)

Fund manager house extension – January 2008 (28kb)

New structured product – July 2007 (32kb)

Citibank investment bundle – July 2007 (32kb)

Expat investor – May 2007 (32kb)

Introducing global executive banking – March 2007 (28kb)

Financial Market analysis archive and Global Economic Trends analysis

Previous market analysis from Citi

You can browse through our archived monthly market outlook and quarterly in-depth analysis (Standpoint) below.

Market outlook – monthly focus

Previous monthly market outlook documents:

p>"Sell in May and Go Away" – A myth or Self-fulfilling prophecy? (851kb)

Rising rates and the effect on credit spreads (526kb)

Is Quantitative Easing working? (649kb)

A Parade of Structural Reform (791kb)

Possible Grexit looming (623kb)

Will the Spanish Crisis Lead to a Banking Union? (628kb)

When is China's economy likely to bottom out? (673kb) - May 2012

Asia: Growth headwinds could emerge near-term (637kb) - March 2012

Oil in 2012 (594kb) - February 2012

European Monetary Union Crisis: Lender of last resort on the way (530kb) - December 2011

How can Asia insulate itself? - November 2011 (530kb)

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In-depth and in touch – quarterly analysis

Previous issues of our Standpoint newsletter:

The War of Currencies Will Not Take Place – May 2013 (1097kb)

Whatever it takes – October 2012 (992kb)

Back to Normal? – April 2012 (950kb)

The fear factor – January 2012 (962kb)

The value of time – October 2011 (384kb)

When Expectations turn into Illusions – July 2011 (333kb)

It's the economy! – April 2011 (326kb)

2011, the year of Great Imbalances – January 2011 (385kb)

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