Tax Regulations

Common Reporting Standards (CRS) Overview

To help fight against tax evasion and protect the integrity of the tax laws in various countries, a number of foreign governments have adopted a new tax initiative known as the Common Reporting Standard (the “CRS”). The CRS was developed by the OECD ( for adoption and implementation by these governments. Under the CRS, financial institutions, including Citi TTS, are required to determine the CRS reporting status if its account holders generally by collecting a completed a CRS Self-certification from holders of bank deposit accounts maintained in a CRS Participating Country.

NEW! - FATCA/CRS Combined Self-Certification

Citi has made a combined FATCA/CRS Self-Certification form available to make the documentation process easier for clients. This form can be used in all countries except Japan, Russia and India.

FATCA/CRS Self-Certification

For translated versions of the form, please see here

For accounts in Japan, Russia and India, please see here

CRS Country Details and Contacts

Please see here for assistance with the submission

CRS eTool

To help our clients complete the appropriate CRS Self-Certification, Citi has provided access to an online tool which is available by accessing and entering registration code crs2484

CRS Self-Certifications

For clients with accounts in Japan, Russia and India or clients who would prefer to submit a CRS-specific form rather than use the combined FATCA/CRS self-certification or CRS e-tool, please see here

Combined FATCA/CRS Self-Certifications

English Combined FATCA/CRS Self-Certification Forms:
For accounts in every country except Japan, Russia and India Form
Translated Combined FATCA/CRS Self-Certification Forms:
Arabic Form
Bulgarian Form
Chinese (Simplified) Form
Chinese (Traditional) Form
Czech Form
French Form
German Form
Greek Form
Hebrew Form
Hungarian Form
Indonesian Form
Italian Form
Japanese Form
Kazakh Form
Korean Form
Polish Form
Portuguese Form
Romanian Form
Russian Form
Slovak Form
Spanish Form
Thai Form
Turkish Form
Ukranian Form
Vietnamese Form