Dedicated Citi Support

Citi's Dedicated Support Team & Services works around the clock so you don't have to

When it comes to increasing your card program's efficiency and improving your bottom line, Citi knows it's all in the details. That is why we work with you to develop an optimized program, customized for your specific business needs.

As you develop your Citi payment program, Citi's global implementation team partners with you to create a best-in-class solution to meet your business needs. Once your program is in place, Citi assigns a designated team of local specialists to work with your program administrators in order to maximize program performance and minimize unnecessary processes. Need assistance with our on-line reporting or administration tools? Our Client Account Services (CAS) and the North America technical Helpdesk is always available to help.

Citi® Implementation

Citi is dedicated to providing all organizations the necessary global, regional and local resources to ensure the success of your program. Each project will be managed by an experienced Implementation Manager, who is responsible for developing a comprehensive implementation strategy that includes common goals, objectives, milestones, dates, and clearly defined roles and responsibilities. Citi operates a structured approach to implementation, which has been developed based on our experience with numerous multi-national corporate roll-outs. For more information, click here.

Citi® Client Account & Regional Services

Our Client Account Services (CAS) and Regional Services teams provide local specialists who are designated to work with our customers' program administrators to facilitate the program process and provide best-practice expertise for program management. From card administration to training, Citi supports our customers every step of the way.

Citi® Dispute Forms

Citi is here to help. Should an unrecognized charge come through or one for an incorrect amount, complete the Citi dispute process by clicking on the appropriate link below and let us assist you towards a speedy and satisfactory resolution.

Auto Enroll and File Maintenance Tips

The Auto Enroll and File Maintenance tips document is a comprehensive listing of all the field definitions and required format requirements to successfully send your new cardholder information or account changes to Citi for processing.