Public Sector Solutions

For the U.S. Federal Government and N.A. Public Sector

North America Public Sector

For State & Local, Higher Education and Non-Governmental Organizations

With the uniqueness of each Public Sector State & Local, Higher Education, and Non-Governmental Organization mission, we know that managing the details of your organization's expenses is important, so Citi® offers comprehensive transaction information tailored for each public sector entity program.

Public Sector organizations need to be innovative and progressive in their approach to expense management. A Citi® Commercial Cards program can help streamline services to drive improved efficiency, cost reduction and to help enable budgets to stretch further. Solutions include:

Travel & Entertainment Cards

  • Customized Service Model Based on Your Requirements
  • Consistent Customer Experience
  • Comprehensive Spend Visibility & Control
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Purchasing & B2B Cards

  • Simplify payment processes for a wide range of approved spend types
  • Reduce the use of paper and help drive efficiency
  • Improve your payment processes with the use of innovative electronic solutions
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Administrative & Online Tools

  • User-friendly, real time online tools with standard and ad-hoc reports
  • Citi's data and files can integrate seamlessly into an organization's financial system to deliver robust reporting
  • Cardholders and Program Administrators have access to review account data 24 hours a day, seven days a week through a number of channels and devices
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