Administrative & Online Tools

For Managers and Administrators

Citi offers an innovative suite of easy to use online tools that help companies, organizations and program administrators efficiently manage the range of responsibilities behind multifaceted commercial card programs.

Online Program Management with CitiManager®


Whether you are interested in program optimization efforts, direct file feeds into your expense management tool, or program report analysis, Citi can meet your needs. We have invested heavily in our core technology and data platform to provide you with a globally consistent program - from implementation to execution, from maintenance to management.


The CitiManager portal, designed specifically to help streamline your internal processes, allows you to easily view and download statement information, update and manage accounts, set limits and permissions, and examine cardholder requests. You are also able to post messages for cardholders and reset passwords.

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Standard and Custom Reporting

Citi's globally available standard reporting package and specially designed program audit tool (PAT) were created to meet our clients' reporting needs. Recognizing some clients may have tailored needs, we also provide custom reporting capabilities - at no extra charge. Review your reports online or download for further analysis.

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Alerts (Email & SMS)

Citi's convenient, globally available email and SMS alerts notify enrolled cardholders of critical account activity such as when the cardholder's statement is ready or payment is due. Cardholders can select from up to 30 alerts available in 19 languages.

Global Card Management System

Available in over 45 countries and 21 languages, Citi's Global Card Management System (GCMS) provides a highly configurable, powerful transaction-management tool able to support our clients' allocation and reconciliation needs as well as complex accounting hierarchy setups and, multi-approver workflows. Real-time data visibility and email alerting capabilities help ensure essential program oversight across your Citi program.

CitiDirect Card Management System (CCMS)

In North America, Travel and Purchase Program Managers can leverage the CitiDirect Card Management System (CCMS) to perform real-time updates on card limits, controls and demographics as well as review, approve and reallocate transactions.

Citi® Working Capital Analytics (CWCA)

Citi's powerful analytics engine provides in-depth analysis across our clients spending, highlighting opportunities to drive working capital benefits from your supplier chain. Citi experts analyze the output of your data from the proprietary analytical tool in order to recommend a payment-optimization strategy that will help increase efficiencies, decrease costs and drive working capital across your organization.

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Enhanced & Folio Data

Whether you want to augment your US hotel data or gain additional information on other global travel or purchase expenditures, Citi offers a variety of solutions to enrich your standard financial data. Available across our products, Citi's enhanced data is amongst the most competitive in the industry.

File Integration & Connectivity

Citi's expense processes are able to integrate with any leading expense management system (EMS) or ERP tool. For organizations with custom built or specialty systems, such as for meetings management or direct payments, Citi experts can map to any system for a seamless and smooth integration.

Customer Service

Whether supporting a stranded business traveler or time-strapped Accounts Payable team, Citi's "follow-the-sun" Shared Service Center offers an unrivaled set of assets, people, tools and platforms to address the diverse, and evolving, needs of our customers and their Program Administrators. Our customer servicing teams are available 24x7, 365 days a year, with local language support in 27 unique languages. We review our performance on an ongoing basis, relying heavily on both customer feedback and data-driven analysis, to identify and execute on opportunities to better service our clients.


Citi has built a set of standard reports that are globally consistent and intuitive to use, while allowing for customization as determined by the end-user. To quickly access the most critical reports for your commercial card program, Citi designed a set of 19 standard reports across 5 functional areas.

Citi's Custom Reporting System enables organizations to create and share custom reports designed to navigate and explore a client's card program data and build organization level reports that are exportable via Excel, HTML, Adobe, and more. This feature-rich tool utilizes 600+ data elements so you can capture precisely the information that is most critical to your overall program strategy.

Citi Program Dashboards compliments Citi's cutting edge reporting capabilities with graphical, interactive displays of your card program data based on user-driven parameters. Organizations can use these dashboards to analyze business performance against strategic objectives and identify optimization opportunities to help improve efficiency.

The Citi Program Audit Tool (PAT) is a powerful online application that allows organizations to monitor and manage their commercial card programs. Using customizable parameters, PAT will flag those transactions that are noncompliant with internal policies, helping to identify fraudulent or suspicious transitions and reduce costs related to card misuse.

For Cardholders

In today's fast-paced, demanding business environment, having to manage a commercial card account can be time-consuming and keep you from other responsibilities.

Online Account Management

Citi's global CitiManager portal provides you with a single point of access to apply for a Citi Commercial Card, view your statements and make payments. For times when you’re on-the-go, CitiManager Mobile is available to view account activity and even make a payment, dependent on your organization’s expense set-up.

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Access Your Account Activity

View all statements and recent transactions online. Up to 36 months of statements are available on CitiManager and your most recent 6 statements are available on CitiManager Mobile.

Download Statements

Print or download your statements directly from CitiManager for further analysis.

Make Payments

Where an organization permits, North American cardholders can make payments online, in the same way you would for your personal credit card. In Asia Pacific and certain countries in Europe, Middle East and Africa, the more common Direct Debit processes are supported. Available on CitiManager and CitiManager Mobile.

Manage Your Profile

Conveniently update your name, postal and email addresses or phone number by selecting the "My Profile" tab on the on-line CitiManager tool.

Set Up Alerts

Select "Manage Alerts" from the quick links section on the online CitiManager portal to add, delete, modify and enroll in Citi’s globally available alerts. Choose to receive notifications via email, SMS or both.

Customer Service

Customer servicing teams are available 24x7x365, with local language support in 27 unique languages, to meet the time-sensitive needs of Cardholders globally. From replacing lost or damaged cards, to helping at the point-of-sale, to answering statement and billing questions, Citi’s dedicated staff are continuously trained to ensure Cardholders have the support needed.

CitiManager® Online Tool

View the beta test version of CitiManager for Cardholders here

When you're looking for a simple way to manage your global program or account, going with a globally consistent online tool can make all of the difference. CitiManager® - Citi's globally available program and account management tool, provides consistent features and capabilities across markets to help simplify program management. The online maintenance and application functions help maximize self-servicing, while cardholders can benefit from the CitiManagerSM Mobile version for on-the-go account viewing.

This tool is best for:

Companies & Organizations that need ease and efficiency in payment processing and expense management. Available globally in 27 languages, CitiManager's single technology platform supports a robust data repository which allows for analysis of globally consolidated data.

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Program Administrators that manage 1000's of card applications, need to modify existing account parameters, review overall spend and ensure compliance to an organization's policy. CitiManager® provides an automated, on-line helping hand to make expenses management more efficient. From on-line application processing to real-time maintenance requests, the tool is equipped to meet all of your day-to-day needs. With the rich reporting and cost allocation capabilities, data analysis and expense management become easier.

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Cardholders that need to manage business expenses from anywhere around the globe on their desktop or mobile device, view statements online and confirm account balances.

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