Our Products

  • Capture Corporate T&E spend such as Air, Rail, Hotel, Restaurant, Taxi
  • Streamlines administrative costs via data feeds into expense management systems and ERPs
  • Flexible program parameters

Who it’s Best For:
Employees who need to capture travel, dining and transportation expenses


  • A centrally billed corporate account designed to help monitor and control travel expenses booked through Travel Management Companies
  • Offers centralized enhanced data statements and reporting

Who it’s Best For:
Employees or Non-Employees (i.e. contractors, recruits) who do not have an individual corporate card

  • Traditional plastic cards distributed to specific employees, departments or business units
  • Account-level controls to assist with policy compliance
  • Eliminates POs and invoice processing Available as plastic or “ghost” card

Who it’s Best For:
Employees who need to buy a broad range of goods and services to support business activities

  • Provides greater transparency of total spend for improved control, compliance and supplier negotiations
  • Available in traditional plastic and via Virtual Card Account (VCA) for M E
  • Integrated into Cvent, a leading global M&E Software provider

Who it’s Best For:
Meeting organizers and planners who are booking meetings on behalf of the company

  • Unique virtual card numbers with transaction-level controls
  • Allows for additional client defined data capture at time of virtual card number request
  • Flexible interface options

Who it’s Best For:
Virtual Cards can be used for an variety of payment needs by improving operational processes through greater control and data capture

  • Allows you to combine the features and benefits of a Purchase and Corporate Card into one program
  • Provides simplified control and reporting capabilities as well as one consolidated billing statement per billing period

Who it’s Best For:
Companies that want their employees to leverage one card for all transaction types

  • Maximize Payment Acceptance: pay suppliers using a preferred virtual card product
  • Optimize Cashflow: leverage a Citi credit line to maximize working capital benefits while making regular payments to Citi
  • Reduce FX Fees: choose to pay suppliers in their local currency

Who it’s Best For:
Global travel buyers who are looking to streamline and automate payments