Citi® Supplier Finance

Improve Cash Flow and Lower Borrowing Costs

An easy-to-use Web-based solution, Citi® Supplier Finance is designed specifically to convert your accounts receivables to cash at a low cost. With Citi Suppler Finance you be able to access payment details online as soon as an invoice has been approved or materials received, and receive payment in as little as two days on a non-recourse basis.

  • Improve payment cycles, resulting in better financial ratios
  • Accelerate cash collection and reduce Days Sales Outstanding, ultimately freeing up borrowing capacity and reducing credit and collection risk
  • Decrease overall collections costs and streamline account reconciliation with electronic payments for faster access to funds

And you can view, print or download all payment details online and at your convenience - including amount, invoice number and maturity date. It's fast, it's easy... and it's reliable. Start trading on better terms today with Citi® Supplier Finance.

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