Strengths of International Banking with Citi IPB Offshore Investments.

Standing strong and committed to service

When you join Citi International Personal Bank you become a client of Citi, one of the largest financial services institutions in the world, operating in over 100 countries with over 200 million accounts.

Citi provides consumers, corporations, governments and institutions with a wide range of financial products and services, such as consumer banking and credit, international banking, corporate and investment banking, insurance and wealth management.

As one of the world's oldest financial companies with roots dating back to 1812 we have experienced every type of market, leaving us well placed to capitalise on the good times, and stand firm in tough economic conditions.

How we are strong

Citi is one of the best capitalised financial institutions in the world, meaning we have stable income, access to funding, strong levels of liquidity, as well as the best talent in the business.

Ours is a diverse and dynamic global organisation and during the last 18 months we have significantly reduced our risks as well as putting the company in a strong capital position.

We are now more streamlined and ready to take advantage of future opportunities.

Take advantage of our strength, expertise and investment advice

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How we are rated

We don't just claim we are financially secure; we are backed up by the world's leading rating agencies, and our credit ratings compare favourably with our industry peers.

Standard & Poor's, Moody's and Fitch both give us a high quality investment grade rating. See our current credit ratings.

Mission to provide excellent service

Citi International Personal Bank is committed to understanding your needs and goals, and helping you to achieve them with inventive offshore investments and top-level service.

We continually monitor the markets to look for where we can offer you innovative products. See how we use wealth management experts to develop new wealth products.

Providing excellent service is hugely important to us. We are continually looking to improve our overall service and product offerings and we do this in three key ways, by:

  1. Listening to you. Feedback is vital to us and we respond quickly and fully to your needs and concerns. We work to ensure that everything we do exceeds your expectations. Tell us what you think.
  2. Becoming more efficient. We never stop looking at our processes and systems to make things happen more quickly and smoothly. This might be an IT improvement or simply the way we manage a particular process to improve your experience.
  3. Treating clients fairly. This is something we take extremely seriously and our policy of treating clients fairly permeates throughout the business. We work hard to put our clients first and we ensure that the whole business works to this overriding principle.

Take advantage of our strength, expertise and investment advice

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