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Growing, managing and protecting your money

Citi International Personal Bank recognises that as well as your day-to-day banking needs, growing and protecting your wealth is vital, and you need first-class products and facilities to help you achieve this.

By choosing us as your wealth management firm, you are getting just that. We are experts in international investment and have a wide range of products available.

But private wealth management is much more than simply offering products. It is a long-term relationship where we work with you to develop a strategy that is individual to you and looks at your complete finances in order to meet all of your goals.

What does this mean?

When you join Citi International Personal Bank you get your own dedicated Relationship Manager, who speaks your language and shares your culture. They know you by name and spend time understanding your financial goals and needs, as well as your attitude to risk and individual preferences. Using our unique private wealth management approach, they will draw on the resources of our global Citibank expertise to ensure that we meet all of your requirements.

First your Relationship Manager will find out more about you with client profiling. This is a unique way for us to understand your individual financial status, attitude to risk and long-term investment goals.

Then we recommend investment areas for you, building or developing a portfolio and diversifying your investments across sectors, regions and asset classes to spread your risk and give you the maximum growth potential.

Once we have a portfolio plan we work alongside you to choose products that fit into your investment strategy. Your Relationship Manager will advise you every step of the way, helping you to select products, such as Structured Notes and Mutual Funds from a range of leading investment providers.

Ongoing guidance

Your Relationship Manager stays with you, keeping regular contact, and when your circumstances or needs change, on request they will help you to adapt your international wealth management strategy accordingly. You can request a review at any stage, whether or not your circumstances have changed, and they will reassess your portfolio to ensure you are getting the most from your wealth.

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Can international wealth management help you?

There are many reasons why wealth management could be beneficial to you and your family.

Looking to grow your wealth?

Increasing the underlying value of your wealth is a key goal for most clients. As an international wealth management firm, we offer a range of products to suit the needs of different investors, including Mutual Funds that are focused on achieving this in a range of asset classes, or you can protect your principal and still grow your wealth with Structured Notes. Principal protection is subject to the credit risk of the issuer and provided structured notes are held until maturity.

For more information, find out how our wealth products can help you.

Seeking a regular income?

You can use your wealth to provide you with an income, such as interest on savings like our Time Deposits, bonds which pay a coupon on maturity, or equities that pay dividends. You can also choose to pay the interest from your savings and investments into a separate account, such as your offshore Cash Account, through our offshore banking services.

Investing with an international outlook?

Perhaps you want to make certain investments or access products that are simply unavailable in your home country? By investing offshore with us you have the freedom to manage your wealth internationally in the way that suits you best. Plus, if you manage your wealth globally, the ability to take advantage of fluctuating exchange rates could offer you many advantages. Find out more about our Foreign Exchange options.

Seeking to protect your principal?

Looking after your wealth is as important as growing it and we will help you maintain your money with secure savings such as our competitive Time Deposits. For those who can take a slightly higher risk for the potential of higher returns, we offer principal protected investments like Structured Notes.

For more information, find out how our wealth products can help you.

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