Learn about our Financial Products and Offshore Services

Whatever your investment goals, we can help

Through our offshore services, we have designed our diverse range of wealth products to meet the needs of our global clients.

If you have a investment goal or requirement, your dedicated Relationship Manager is on hand to help you decide which financial products best meet your individual circumstances, and give you expert wealth management advice.

Choose your financial goals:

  • Protecting your wealth
    Protecting your wealth

    Whether you want to maintain your wealth for a rainy day or for retirement, we have a range of low-risk financial products to protect your money. Our Time Deposits offer secure savings options, and Structured Notes provide investment opportunities while protecting your principal. In addition, there is a wide choice of low-risk Mutual Funds within our range of over 450 funds.

  • Growing your wealth
    Growing your wealth

    We have plenty of options, via our offshore services, to help you achieve growth, particularly Mutual Funds for those seeking long-term investments. Structured Notes offer investment potential within a lower-risk structure and sophisticated investors can trade equities and bonds with our International Brokerage facility. Or you can grow your wealth securely with our Time Deposit products.

  • Inflation-proofing your wealth
    Inflation-proofing your wealth

    If you are looking to beat inflation we have options that could meet your needs. A Mutual Fund has the potential to grow above the rate of inflation, or you could choose to invest in a Treasury Inflation Linked bond via our non-advisory International Brokerage service.

  • Short-term trading
    Short-term trading

    For investors who want access to short-term trading our International Brokerage service could be ideal. You can buy and sell equities and bonds via your Relationship Manager and Citibank Online. You could also consider a Dual Currency Placement if you would like to take advantage of fluctuating exchange rates.

  • Saving for a specific goal
    Saving for a specific goal

    If you are planning for a future expense such as your children's education or perhaps a new business venture; a product with a fixed maturity date could be a useful investment option. Our Time Deposit accounts offer safety, while Structured Notes offer a fixed term, principal protected investment option. Or you could choose to invest in a bond for an agreed term via our International Brokerage service.

  • Borrowing solutions
    Borrowing solutions

    For those who need access to money without having to cash in their investments and disrupt their long-term wealth management strategy, we offer a range of secure lending facilities. You can choose from a fixed rate loan or a flexible overdraft facility. And if you are buying a property we can refer you to leading mortgage broker Charles Cameron for specialist advice.

  • Seeking a regular income
    Seeking a regular income

    If you want to receive a regular income from your wealth, you could use our International Brokerage facility to invest in bonds. These fixed income financial products (bonds) can provide you with regular income in the form of coupon payments.

  • Planning for retirement
    Planning for retirement

    There are many options for those planning their retirement and it can help to combine a number of wealth products as a long term strategy. Mutual Funds are a popular investment option while Structured Notes offer growth potential for those with a lower appetite for risk. If you are in retirement and seeking a regular income we have products designed for your needs.

  • Multi Currency options
    Multi Currency options

    Many of our clients operate in more than one currency and as a global provider we have a large number of products to meet their needs. Our Foreign Exchange products include straightforward currency exchange and Dual Currency Placements that allow you to take advantage of currency fluctuations.

    As part of our offshore services, our Cash Account is available in 21 currencies and we offer a wide range of Multi Currency investments from Time Deposits and Structured Notes to Mutual Funds and equities via our International Brokerage service.

  • Day-to-day banking
    Day-to-day banking

    Our standard banking options allow you to manage your money globally. Our offshore Cash Account is available in 21 currencies and comes with a debit card on request. Global fund transfers make moving your money easy and all clients can benefit from 24/7 access to online banking.