Markets and Treasury


Local Markets Unit is comprised of the following:

Foreign Exchange Sales

Citi Trinidad is one of the largest dealers in the local FX market, with a significant share of all volumes traded. We provide two-way quotations on a wide variety of currency pairs, including all G10 and an array of secondary and exotic currencies, and pride ourselves on satisfying our client needs cost-effectively. Citi boasts a world-class online trading platform, provided free of charge for our clients, with up-to-the-minute pricing and relevant live commodity and currency news from across the globe.

We are able to provide customized USD structures to meet specific requirements, always focused on serving our clients' unique requests efficiently and at the most competitive prices. We settle via drafts or electronic wire transfers, based on client preference.

Investor Solutions

The Investor Solutions Group focuses on Asset Side Solutions and Liability Side Solutions for Banks, Insurance Companies and Asset Managers across the Trinidad Hub. The group is the distribution center of Citi’s innovative global investment products with varying levels of capital protection, asset classes, terms and return profiles. We also provide a full array of liability management strategies for hedging Institutional Clients’ market exposure.

Our products include, but are not limited to, Fixed Income, Foreign Exchange, Commodities, Equities, Rates, Structured Products, Repos, Collateralized Loans and Interest Rate Swaps.

Corporate Solutions

Citi Trinidad provides risk management solutions for sovereigns and corporations across all asset classes- interest rates, foreign exchange, commodities and equities. Our broad product knowledge on the ground coupled with international expertise allows us to offer tailored, comprehensive hedging solutions for our clients. Through our global footprint we are able to effectively use our resources to provide innovative structures for customers. We offer a full range of derivative products including interest rate and cross currency swaps, options and energy (oil & gas) derivatives.

Local Marketing Treasury and Trading

The Local Markets Treasury; Trading desk manages internal accrual risk, trading risk and liquidity risk. Through this desk, clients can access Certificates of Deposits (CDs) in both TTD and USD across various tenors. In conjunction with Investor and Corporate Solutions groups, we buy and sell Treasury Bills, OMO Bills, Treasury Notes, Government Bonds and other debt securities.