Wealth Outlook 2024 - Slow then grow

Table of contents 2
Overview 4
Taking advantage of the market's big reset 5
Slow then grow 10
Geopolitics and elections: Assessing risk in 2024 24
Core 33
Core portfolios could be ready to shine 34
Alternative investing in 2024 41
Peak rates equals peak income: extend duration 47
Opportunistic 53
Our top 10 potential high conviction opportunities 54
Investing with and in unregulated financial companies 71
Unstoppable trends 76
How generative AI might reshape every sector 77
AI-propelled digitization in 2024 82
OPEC’s unlikely role in the green energy transition 86
For investors, healthcare innovation is on sale 92
The implications of G2 polarization on global technology 98
Regional asset class previews 105
Asia: faster growth for 2024 as headwinds recede 106
Europe: A slow recovery, with stronger equity returns put off deeper into 115
Latin America: Potential opportunities amidst low valuations 120
North America: an emerging set of new opportunities 126