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Citi - A bank with history and tradition

Citi Globally

Citibank opened for business in 1812 in New York under its original name City Bank of New York. Since then, Citi has been a major player in some of the world’s most innovative breakthroughs in banking, including popularizing the ATM. Over the last two centuries Citi has worked tirelessly to become one of the world’s leading international banks who develops new ways to make global banking easier. Citi has fresh thinking and international approach to banking over the last 200+ years.

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Citi in the Czech Republic

In 1990, Citibank established a representative office in Prague and became one of the first foreign banks to operate there. Ten months later, the nation’s central bank approved Citibank’s application to open a full-service branch. On June 24, 1991, Citibank a.s. Praha opened its doors and began offering commercial banking services to the newly emerging private sector. In 1999 Citi enlarged the portfolio and gradually widened its product and service offering to medium-sized enterprises.

Even though Citibank Europe plc signed in September 2015 an agreement with Raiffeisenbank to sell its consumer banking business in the Czech Republic, Citi remains commited to serving our corporate and institutional as well as commercial clients in the Czech Republic and will develop the scope of its products and services for large corporations, financial institutions, public entities, medium enterprises and subsidiaries of foreign multinational companies in the Czech Republic.