Virtual Account Numbers, new from Citi® -- A whole new way to shop online safely.
Image: Citi MasterCard with changing numbers With this free service for Citi cardmembers, you never have to give out your real credit card number when shopping online. That's because, every time you use Virtual Account Numbers to make a purchase, a substitute credit card number can be generated to take the place of your real number. Each virtual account number is created specifically for you. It's the smart way to shop online.
How do Virtual Account Numbers work
Use this service when you're ready to complete your online shopping and are on a 'Check Out' page. You just:

Step 1 Log in with your username and password.
Step 2 Get a substitute credit card number for your online purchase.
Step 3 Enter your number into the merchant's form.

It's really that fast and easy to use Virtual Account Numbers. Of course, every purchase you make will appear on your Citi Card statement, just like any other transaction.

Click here to see a full animated demo.
Start using Virtual Account Numbers, FREE.
See how easy it is to shop online the smart way – without using your real Citi Card number. To get Virtual Account Numbers log into Cardmember Central on our secure servers, then just click on the Virtual Account Numbers banner in the top right hand corner.

Click here to log into Cardmember Central. Look for a pop-up window to guide you through the easy process to download this service.