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Purchasing Conveniences

Purchasing Conveniences

Make purchases by phone, fax and in-store.


How would a Sears Commercial One® account benefit my business?
It allows you to:
  • Make all your business purchases at Sears by phone, fax and in-store--with one convenient account.
  • Simplify expense tracking, bookkeeping and more.
  • Track purchases with itemized invoice detail.
Will this account help to simplify my record keeping?

Yes. You will receive both a monthly statement of all account transactions as well as invoice detail for current purchases and credits.

How do I apply for a Sears Commercial One® account?
There are 2 easy ways to apply:
  • Click on either one of the "Learn More" buttons on this page and download the appropriate application- general business or property management.

    Fax completed applications to
    or mail them to:

    Sears Commercial One®
    PO Box 6057
    Sioux Falls, SD 57117-6057

  • Ask an associate for an application while in your local Sears or Sears affiliate store.