Citi Receivables

Citi® One Receivables

Developed as three distinct modules: Present, Collect and Reconcile & Report, Citi One Receivables is supported by Plan, a set of strategic advisory tools, which allows clients to streamline their Receivables and support business growth.

Why This Matters: Citi’s Planning & Advisory support can help you

  • Benchmark your Accounts Receivables processes against best-in-class practices, by industry, to improve the effectiveness of your program.
  • Learn how to optimally tailor solutions, capabilities, and account structures to your organization’s needs in order to increase visibility and automate reconciliation.
  • Make an informed decision with regards to costs, potential savings and return on investment (ROI) for new products & solutions being implemented.

Why This Matters: Citi’s Presentment solutions can help you

  • Deliver fast and tailored invoices to ensure customers receive their invoices the way they want – taking potentially days out of the invoice-to-cash cycle.
  • Present customer invoices digitally to help achieve best-in-class DSOs and cash flows while reducing delinquencies and bad debt.
  • Aid in expedited resolution of disputes to avoid bad debt.

Why This Matters: Citi’s Collections solutions can help you

  • Provide your customers multiple payment choices per their needs, thus supporting more clients for maximum sales and superior customer experience.
  • Increase Straight Through Reconciliation (STR) which reduces DSO and increases business efficiency.
  • Digitize your collections channels to enhance visibility of Receivables and provide a more robust reporting capability.

Why This Matters: Citi’s Reconciliation & Reporting solutions can help you

  • Support centralized (or localized) cash management with aggregated as well as group level reporting, reconciliation & tracking automatically, reducing tedious manual labor.
  • Leverage rationalized account structures to automate flow of funds to improve working capital efficiency and return on capital.
  • Consolidate and enrich data, across collection channels, to achieve 90%+ matching with open receivables, thus reducing errors resulting from and time spend on mismatched / unmatched invoices, for an automated end-to-end solution.

Why This Matters: Citi’s Cross-Border Collections solution can help you

  • Manage and issue invoices in multiple currencies using fixed FX rates
  • Greater transparency into expected cash flows and value dates on a comprehensive dashboard
  • Automate settlement and repatriation into a single functional currency account
  • Access robust reporting and data analytics