Welcome to WorldLink® Payment Services

For over 30 years, the WorldLink solution has been successfully enabling our clients to issue payments in more than 135 currencies, right from their offices via a single window - without having to maintain local currency accounts. WorldLink® Payment Services is a complete global transaction solution that makes cross-border payments simple and secure.

Benefits of WorldLink Payment Services include:


Choose from a range of payment options including electronic Funds Transfers, Checks, Cross-Border ACH and Cash.

Minimized Risk

The WorldLink solution helps you decrease exposure to check fraud, counterparty risk, clearing requirements and exposure to currency devaluation.

Cost Savings

With the WorldLink service, the need for multiple foreign currency accounts and the idle balances are eliminated, as are the extra charges and time-consuming reconciliation that are often required.


All transactions are protected by sophisticated encryption technologies, access restrictions and authentication procedures.

Streamlined Clearing

WorldLink transactions adhere to most local clearing requirements and all laws and regulations improving clearing times and reducing costs.

Competitive Foreign Exchange Rates

Currency purchases are aggregated across transactions for better rates.

Use the WorldLink solution for payments including:

Commercial Payments

  • Supplier payables
  • Distributor payables
  • Agents/agencies payments
  • Insurance payables
  • Expense payables
  • Business acquisitions
  • Corporate jet landing fees
  • Freight and duty payments
  • Ships' port and docking fees
  • Payments for overseas conferences

Investor Relations

  • Dividend payments
  • Interest payments
  • Stock options

Legal Payments

  • Copyright fees
  • Patent payments
  • Global trademark registrations
  • Licensing and royalty fees

Employee Compensation

  • Expatriate payroll
  • International pension payments
  • Tax payments


  • College tuition/student payments
  • Fellowships

Client Support Services

Clients of WorldLink Payment Services always have access to Citi's global support network with local service hubs located around the world.

Our knowledgeable service representatives can be reached by phone, fax or e-mail. For our customers using WorldLink through CitiDirect® Online Banking you will have further access to a host of online learning tools and self-directed help. For those using WorldLink via SWIFT™, you will have full messaging capabilities.

North America: +1-302-323-3600

EMEA: +353 1 622 9262

Asia Pacific by country:

Australia/New Zealand: +61 2 8225 0130

Hong Kong: +852 2306 6066

Indonesia: +62 21 5290 8888

Korea: +822 2077 4007

Malaysia: +603 2383 1111

Taiwan: +886 2 2576 6966

Singapore: +65 6224 2622

Japan: +813 5462 9200

Thailand: +66 2 232 3000

Online Report Management System

WorldLink also provides an online report management system for our customers. This password-protected site, for customers only; allows clients to view, download, and print reports, statements, product updates and a suite of WorldLink reference materials.

Log in at https://clientreporting.worldlink.com

Citi's commitment to quality service and our ability to support and implement new technologies are the foundation of our expertise. By building on our superior processing systems and integrated communications network, Citi is uniquely positioned to consistently offer you the custom solutions you need for efficient international cash management.

Delivery Platforms

For over 30 years, the WorldLink solution has been successfully enabling our clients to issue payments in more than 135 currencies, right from their offices via a single window - without having to maintain local currency accounts. WorldLink Payment Services is a complete global transaction solution that makes cross-border payments simple and secure.

Select WorldLink through the following platforms:

CitiDirect Online Banking is Citi's Web-based solution that puts all your corporate banking functions in one secure place. The CitiDirect platform gives authorized users access to a host of financial solutions - including WorldLink Payment Services - in real-time via a Web browser from any computer. Designed in an easy-to-use interface that can be customized to meet your specific needs, CitiDirect Online Banking features leading-edge security and automatic system upgrades delivered right to your desktop.

With WorldLink through CitiDirect you will have greater transparency over your cross-border transactions anytime, anywhere and will benefit from:

  • Real-time competitive foreign exchange rates
  • Flexible payment options
  • Interactive tutorials
  • A full range of reports to provide custom information on all transactions
  • Multilayered security features including encryption, dynamic passwords and authorization controls for safe access from any computer

For customers who use SAP®, Oracle®, JDE® or any other type of enterprise-wide systems, WorldLink through File Transmission is the ideal way to execute recurring, high-volume multicurrency transactions. All transmissions are performed via secure encrypted communication.

WorldLink via SWIFT is offered to its clients who are SWIFT members. WorldLink supports a comprehensive range of SWIFTFin and SWIFTNet transmission mechanisms.

Payment Options

WorldLink Payment Services is the quick and easy way to initiate wire transfers in multiple currencies, issue foreign currency checks, outsource your foreign currency check handling and clear payments locally in countries around the globe. WorldLink offers you convenience and control with flexible payment options.

A cross-border funds transfer is an electronic payment order delivered to your beneficiary's bank using the WorldLink global account structure. WorldLink Payment Services enables you to issue payments via wire transfer in over 135 currencies.

  • By transmitting a payment order to Citi you can easily initiate a funds transfer request using either WorldLink through CitiDirect Online Banking, WorldLink through File Transmission or WorldLink via SWIFT.

In addition to this, you will have access to our beneficiary deduct services.

WorldLink prints and mails a cheque to your beneficiary based on your instructions - available in over 30 currencies…

Checks are drawn on WorldLink's accounts and are printed on-site by the client. WorldLink provides currency specific stock or your own check stock may be used.

WorldLink Mass Disbursement gives our clients access to local clearing systems in over 40 currencies without the need to maintain an account.

WorldLink Cash allows you to send urgent, low-value cash payments around the world quickly, reliably and cost-effectively, with no associated lifting fees and same day delivery of funds…

When you use the WorldLink solution for your global payments, you will enjoy the ability to:

Whether you are a global company or have offices in one country, WorldLink Payment Services is your complete cross-border payments solution.

Solutions for Your Organization

WorldLink Payment Services provides Financial Institutions including Banks, Insurance Companies, Fund Companies, Brokers; Public Sector including government, non-government and foreign-aid agencies; Corporations includes all medium and large sized corporations ranging from Oil and Mining companies to Consumer and Healthcare companies and Third-Party Administrators including Pension Administrators, Insurance Administrators, Salary and Travel & Expense Administration the ability to access a sophisticated cross-border payments system via a single interface.

WorldLink Payment Services can provide you with the custom solutions you need to gain better control over all your cross-border transactions. From paying expatriate employees to disbursing payments to suppliers around the world and more.

With the WorldLink solution, you will be able to:

All this is delivered in a platform that best suits your needs:

WorldLink through CitiDirect Online Banking for those who prefer a browser-based platform

Learn More

WorldLink through File Transmission or enterprise-wide systems like SAP, Oracle® & JDE

Learn More

WorldLink via Swift for organizations that utilize the SWIFT Network

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What's New with WorldLink

WorldLink Payment Services has a proven track record of delivering innovative value-added payment solutions to all our clients. After 25 years, WorldLink continues to be at the forefront of the cross-border payments industry.

With that in mind, we want to update you on what we have done to enhance WorldLink during the past year and we will continue to keep you posted about new capabilities that make this solution even more convenient, reliable and cost-effective.

WorldLink is continuously expanding its currencies offerings. This section will be updated as additional currencies are added.

WorldLink is continuously expanding its currencies offerings. This section will be updated as additional currencies are added.

WorldLink's Mass Pay is a distinct offering that helps you avoid the need to route through local and regional clearing systems by sending a file directly to the beneficiary bank. WorldLink has established bilateral agreements with many banks around the globe and continues to expand these relationships. This innovative way of transmitting payments leverages the strengths of key local banks to deliver the best possible service for our clients.

Increasing global complexities and industry competitiveness demand maximum convenience, flexibility and cost effectiveness in managing internal payments. In response to these global and market dynamics, WorldLink Payment Services offers same day or overnight funds transfer capabilities in 21 currencies.

When you need to disburse funds for immediate delivery or need to accommodate vendors who want funds credited directly to their accounts, you can depend on funds transfers via WorldLink Payment Services for the necessary support. Using the same process as "standard" two-day value funds transfer processing, the WorldLink same day offering allows you delivery payments with same day or overnight value via CitiDirect or SWIFT.

Please Note: WorldLink Payment Services offers Same Day Funds Transfers on a commercially reasonable efforts basis. The ability to provide credit to the beneficiary bank on value date is subject to a variety of factors, including but not limited to, receipt of instructions by applicable cut-off time, proper funding, sufficient credit, ability of beneficiary bank to receive electronic funds transfers, and intervening holidays and non-business days in country of currency. Funds transfer instructions requiring a repair may be delayed.

A successful Same Day Funds Transfer will result in the beneficiary bank's receipt of available funds; when funds are actually made available to the beneficiary is in not in the control of WorldLink Payment Services.

WorldLink Payment Services beneficiary deduct enables you to instruct Citi to deduct transaction fees from the principle (beneficiary) amount of your WorldLink payment. This flexible feature allows you eliminate or reduce transaction costs and customize fee deductions to meet specific market or client needs.

WorldLink's Beneficiary Database is a dynamic database that stores customer payment information in pre-validated pre-formats, such as name, address, account number, bank code, preferred payment method (based on availability in country of residence), etc., is maintained by WorldLink. Clients can initiate cross-border payments by either sending a domestic payment instruction to WorldLink quoting the pre-format record number or by transmitting an instruction file containing the amount to be paid and the pre-format record number.

Frequently Asked Questions about WorldLink

WorldLink Payment Services is Citi's global product and network that offers a complete cross-border payments solution serving corporations, financial institutions and the public sector. WorldLink makes it easy to pay your vendors, suppliers, distributors, agents, pensioners, shareholders and other recipients - for a countless number of business applications in the currencies of their choice, without you having to maintain multiple foreign currency accounts.

WorldLink supports payments in 135 currencies and is continuously adding additional currencies when appropriate.

Funds transfers can be stopped on a best efforts basis only, which means that we will do all we can to stop the payment but cannot guarantee it will be stopped. We may be unable to stop a funds transfer due to the fact that they are generally cleared within two days or less and once the payment has been released to the clearing system, it cannot be reversed without the beneficiary's consent.

One of the benefits of using WorldLink is the global network, which supports us in processing payments. Whenever a funds transfer has an error, WorldLink's global operations team will make a best efforts attempt to repair the item. Unfortunately, sometimes a repair is not possible and WorldLink requires a bit more information in order for the payment to be processed.

If you send a USD chips wire to a local currency account, the beneficiary bank will convert the funds at an F/X rate of their choosing; usually a consumer rate. They can also hold the funds for several days before making it available to your beneficiary.

WorldLink supports 30 currencies for remote checks and 16 currencies for onsite checks.

WorldLink checks have three distinct benefits. First, WorldLink checks are localized* in most situations, which generally results in the checks being subject to no or very low lifting fees. Second, the security enhancements on WorldLink checks such as watermarks, encryption, special check stock, along with the WorldLink Match Pay process help reduce fraud. Third, WorldLink checks can be customized with customer's logo, address, etc.

A WorldLink remote check is a check that WorldLink prints at one of its printing locations - Dublin, New York, or Singapore - and is delivered to you or your beneficiary. WorldLink onsite checks are checks drawn on a WorldLink account, but printed by the client on their premises.

WorldLink onsite checks require a WorldLink credit facility. To see if you can benefit from this offering, contact you customer service representative today.

WorldLink onsite checks can be created via CitiDirect, File transmission or SWIFT, and printed on your equipment.

Yes, assuming the check has not already cleared. Customers can request a stop through CitiDirect, SWIFT (MT111), or by calling customer service.

ACH/Giro are general terms that WorldLink uses to refer to electronic payments that are processed through the local country clearing systems, rather than the traditional funds transfer payments that clear through regional clearing systems, such as CHIPS or EBA. ACH is intended for low value payments but more and more large payments are being processed through local ACH systems. ACH is also intended for non-urgent payments as they are processed with value date of 2-5 days depending on country processing rules. The "standard" ACH offering requires a customer to maintain an account in every country where payments will be made. However, by using WorldLink, the customer has access to ACH payments from only a single funding account in one of 20 currencies.

Payments cleared through local clearing systems instead of Regional clearing systems have the following benefits:

  • No lifting fees for most currencies
  • Low fees where applied
  • No value limit, except those imposed through market conditions
  • No repair fees. Returns or rejects processed on a daily basis
  • with refunds sent back to your designated account

You can use WorldLink for a variety of payments including:

  • Payroll Payments
  • Pension Payments
  • Local Vendor Payments
  • Stock option payments
  • And Many More!

WorldLink ACH Payments can be initiated via CitiDirect, File Transmission and SWIFT.

If you already have WorldLink, then adding ACH can be as easy as turning on a switch in most cases. Please contact your relationship manager to activate ACH and to identify if any additional requirements would apply. For file transmission customers, additional file specifications and testing may be necessary. Minimum volume for file transmission customers, additional file thresholds per currency may apply.

WorldLink ACH payments can be stopped on a best efforts basis. However, an advantage of ACH payments is that these payments can typically be recalled per the rules of each individual country to where the payment is made. Please contact your customer service representative to initiate a stop payment or to recall a payment.

Increasingly, electronic payments are being made into the local clearing systems rather than the traditional SWIFT route through regional systems. There are advantages of using the local clearing systems (ACH) such as reduced costs including reduced lifting fees. However, there are also disadvantages such as value limitations, timing, inability to repair payments, and service support limitations.

CitiDirect Online Banking supports Fund Transfers, ACH, Remote and Onsite Checks. Customers must be entitled to each payment type before it is made available on CitiDirect.

Yes, if you've chosen to use WorldLink through CitiDirect Online Banking. Because it's browser-based, you can get secure access to WorldLink from any computer. Of course, your connection to WorldLink is still protected by multi-layered security including dynamic passwords, encryption, and authorization controls, so your information stays safe wherever you are.

The WorldLink foreign exchange process is robustly supported via CitiDirect as customers have access to WorldLink's Online Rates (OLR) system. Customers can also call a WorldLink foreign exchange specialist for a rate and can enter the rate and booked FX contract on CitiDirect.

WorldLink service requests can be made through CitiDirect Service for Payments module or through a call to customer service.

Yes, CitiDirect supports WorldLink for all languages offered.

Yes, WorldLink can support file import and export in CitiDirect. WorldLink is supported in several different file formats. Contact your Electronic Banking support to identify the best file format for you.

All WorldLink Payment options are available via File Transmission.

WorldLink is supported by a direct host-to-host connection or through CPS (North America), IMPS (Europe), or CFS.

WorldLink automatically applies foreign exchange against the aggregated foreign exchange requirement. The pricing applied can be based on Contractual pricing when the customer requires such commitment.

WorldLink service requests can be made through CitiDirect Service for Payments module or through a call to customer service.

All WorldLink Payment options are available via SWIFT. Funds transfers and remote checks are initiated via a MT103 and onsite check issuances are notified via MT110. Customers must be entitled to each payment type before it is made available on SWIFT.

Most SWIFT customers receive a Daily Rate, which is a rate guaranteed throughout the day. This rate is guaranteed up to a certain amount or threshold. SWIFT customers can also call a Foreign Exchange representative for a real-time rate. It should be noted that SWIFT customers must choose one or the other rate process as they cannot switch between Daily rates and calling a trader.

WorldLink service requests can be made through SWIFT MT111 or through a call to customer service.

We'll work with you to ensure that WorldLink fulfills your specific cross-border payment needs. A Citi representative will discuss the best way for you to communicate your payment instructions to us, the account or accounts you will use to fund your payments, and the way you will obtain foreign exchange rates for payments not in the currency of your account.

Whether you use CitiDirect, File Transmission or SWIFT, you'll find that WorldLink Multicurrency Transaction Services is designed to work within your existing procedures. If you decide to communicate via file transmission, a Citi representative will work with you to set up and test your files. If you use SWIFT, then we'll work with you on how to format your SWIFT messages. WorldLink through CitiDirect Online Banking offers a comprehensive, interactive tutorial. And once you're up and running, you'll find help just a keystroke away, with a comprehensive "Help" system that provides field definitions, window descriptions, procedures and a glossary.

Yes. You don't need to hold a bank account at Citi to take advantage of the benefits of WorldLink. WorldLink Payment Services is unique. It works smoothly and efficiently whether you have a Citi account or not. When you use WorldLink, you do not make WorldLink payments from your demand deposit accounts (DDA). Rather, Citibank issues all payment types from its own accounts in the currency of issuance. You remit payment to Citi, from the account you hold with your current bank, for your WorldLink activities.

Credit lines are not generally required for most customers except under the following circumstances:

  • Customer has special operational process that would hold up processing without credit line
  • Onsite check customers
  • Same day wire customers

WorldLink Payment Services has been designed to easily adapt to changes (availability of new currencies, country formatting updates etc.). WorldLink through CitiDirect Online Banking features automatic software updates so you're never out of date. You'll also be notified of formatting changes by mailings as well as online at our Web site. And as we continue to add new features and improve functionality, you'll be notified of that, as well.

WorldLink Payment Services has dedicated operation centers in Dublin, Buffalo and Mumbai, but our global support network features local service hubs around the world. We have global foreign exchange capability with trading desks in New York, Dublin and Singapore. We also have global check disbursement centers in New York, Dublin and Singapore. And of course, WorldLink Payment Services is a part of Citi's global network, which serves 37,000 companies and financial institutions worldwide, and processes $1 trillion of financial transactions each day.