In every region and country around the world, corporate, FI and public sector organizations face the same challenges: they need to maximize returns and to minimize costs. Within the last few years, managing liquidity on a global basis has changed as a result of technological advances that now make it possible for new structured solutions, as well as the evolution of the treasury function in corporations. Businesses have expanded their footprint to more countries, translating into more currencies to manage.

Corporations today are increasingly re-engineering and centralizing their treasury operations and looking for regional and global liquidity management tools.

Citi Liquidity Management Services offers innovative, fully automated end-to-end solutions that meet these challenges and can help your business in moving, managing and investing balances.

For additional information please visit the pages below:

  • Automated Investments
    ensure your operating balances are automatically invested in accordance with your preferences.
  • Liquidity Desks
    where investment experts offer personalized service, the latest market information, and world-wide coverage in addition to execution ease.
  • Citibank® Online Investments
    a web-based investment portal for managing short-term investments – including options in 30 countries and 19 currencies – with ease, convenience and efficiency.