Digital Security

As banks increase digital interactions with clients, the protection of financial assets from online fraud is ever more important. Citi’s best-in-class Digital Security team is fully equipped to keep client assets safe. Citi Digital Security for Channels enhances our customer channels to improve security and client experience. Citi Digital Security as a Service provides value-added product and services that support core Treasury and Trade Solutions offerings.

Citi is a leading provider of identity services helping Government and Corporate customers utilize digital credentials and signature technologies in a comprehensive and legally enforceable manner. We offer various trusted identity solutions on our own channels and to our corporate and public sector clients to provide the necessary security credentials and assurance frameworks in an end-to-end managed service, allowing them to transact with confidence.

Why Citi Digital Security?

Citi is uniquely qualified to address identity challenges in establishing trust in digital transactions with proven identity management technology to create value for our clients including:

Through our participation in the CGI, Citi seeks to ensure optimal alignment and uniformity of message definitions and implementation best practices with other CGI banks