Digital Onboarding / Account Services

Accelerated Account Opening through
CitiDirect® Digital Onboarding

CitiDirect® Digital Onboarding simplifies and digitizes your onboarding experience. The new digital onboarding experience will allow you to complete the Know Your Customer (KYC), Account Opening and Product requirements online, as well as track your status.

Local language user interface and account opening requirements available in select Asian and Latin American countries.



Single window into digital onboarding, with less information required


Clients can initiate and complete an entire account opening online through CitiDirect


Clients can track their statuses and provide information through CitiDirect


Easily sign documents with electronic signatures, eliminating the need to print, sign and mail documents

How it works

Request account openings through your Citi representative
Receive an email invitation to access CitiDirect Digital Onboarding, in addition to log in credentials. Log on to receive one set of incremental requirements.
Existing data from previous account openings will be automatically inputted
Complete and submit the KYC, account opening and product requirements through CitiDirect Digital Onboarding
Electronically sign the onboarding form
Account opened within 24 hours