CitiConnect allows you to streamline your file exchange and messaging processes, reduce costs using automated processing, and expedite dispute resolutions associated with your cash management needs. No matter how you manage your treasury and financial information flows, Citi has the experience and technology expertise to meet your unique needs—integrating banking execution and information with your enterprise-wide treasury management, ERP and other cash management systems.

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Reduce the Complexity and Costs of Bank Integration

Increase Visibility and Control.

New bank integration needs are emerging as companies expand into new markets, consolidate information channels and achieve economies of scale through the centralization of treasury operations. These evolving treasury needs are creating a demand for a global solution that simplifies bank integration and provides greater visibility, real-time access to information for decision making, and more control over transaction processing.

Citi leads the industry with innovative channel services that meet critical business and treasury needs with best-in-class technology, channel options and data management through API, file, SWIFT message or ERP Integrator.

Citi’s channel services pairs its premier connectivity solution CitiConnect® with Citi’s electronic banking platform CitiDirect® in online, mobile, tablet and BE APP versions. Flexible and integrated, the solutions work together seamlessly and provide consistent interoperability, reliability and security, while the increased control and visibility help companies optimize their working capital and cash management strategies across Citi’s global footprint.

Providing a direct connection to Citi from a treasury workstation or ERP system, CitiConnect simplifies and speeds bank integration, and supports the exchange of messages and files for Citi Treasury and Trade Solutions in 90+ countries and 135+ currencies.

One-Window Connectivity

Increased Automation, Speed and Accuracy.

Driving industry innovation, CitiConnect supports global file standards such as ISO 20022 XML, while providing one-window connectivity to Citi products with three solutions: CitiConnect for Files, CitiConnect for SWIFT and CitiConnect ERP Integrator.

Straight-through processing and straight-through reconciliation improve transaction speed and data accuracy, limit manual intervention and reduce costs. Companies can systematically track transactions through all process stages, and monitor file and transaction statuses online. Real-time response files detail the status of a transaction and file, confirm transactions, and, if rejected, provide the reason.

Integrated Connectivity Provides Flexibility and Choice.

  • Solutions can be tailored to need from multiple connectivity options and a wide range of formats to more easily integrate with a company’s treasury workstation and ERP system
  • The integrated solution of CitiConnect and CitiDirect supports centralized and decentralized operating models, providing companies with choice and ease of access
  • Companies can choose to upgrade to a centralized treasury with SWIFT and XML, or choose a combination of legacy and cutting edge options in different geographies

CitiConnect for Files

CitiConnect for Files reduces the complexity and costs of bank integration. A single channel solution for the transmission and receipt of files for Citi’s global treasury and trade solutions, CitiConnect provides a direct, seamless connection to Citi from a company’s treasury workstation or ERP system. Real-time visibility into and control over transaction processing help optimize supply chains and make cash management more efficient and effective. CitiConnect is fully integrated with CitiDirect.

Features and benefits:

  • Single file of payment instructions handles any combination of domestic, cross-border, SEPA and FX card transactions and supplier finance
  • Increased automation reduces error and costs of manual intervention, and improves transaction speed and accuracy of data exchanged
  • True straight-through processing and straight-through reconciliation
  • Value-added solutions available for SAP users, including CitiConnect ERP Integrator
  • Transact faster and optimize liquidity

CitiConnect for SWIFT

Providing a real-time connection for initiating payments, receiving information and accessing services directly from a treasury management system, CitiConnect for SWIFT combines Citi’s wide geographical coverage and a rich product set with the power of the secure and resilient SWIFT network. Providing a single connection for multi-bank transaction initiation via other banks, CitiConnect for SWIFT offers true straight-through processing in all countries of operation and full payment and reporting capabilities globally.

Features and benefits:

  • Standardize business operations on a global scale
  • Get up-and-running faster on SWIFT through Citi’s centralized hub model
  • Connect to Citi via choice of Business Identifier Code, and access Citi’s branch network through a single local Citi connection, saving costs by ensuring:
    • Transmission of payment messages or files between the company and Citi is counted as domestic, reducing SWIFT traffic fees by roughly three times
    • Bulk MT messages are sent via SWIFTNet FileAct to reduce messaging costs
  • Greater control and payment status intelligence with structured response messages that are 99.99% available

CitiConnect ERP Integrator

Citi specializes in ERP integration, working with industry partners to develop innovative solutions that simplify and speed integration. The CitiConnect ERP Integrator reduces the implementation time frame, complexity and costs of ERP integration by leveraging existing SAP functionality to eliminate the need for costly specialized development. A dynamic solution, the CitiConnect ERP Integrator supports a global footprint.

Features and benefits:

  • No additional installation to the SAP environment is necessary
  • No need to develop processes for bank, payment instrument or country-specific rules
  • Formats files in ISO 20022 XML with required payment details for straight-through processing

Developer Portal

Application Programming Interface (API) is the primary entry point for business whether it is called from a company’s own applications (Internal API) or by client or business partner. API enables nimble interactions in digital ecosystems. API technology (Application Programming Interface) allows Citi to expose a menu of TTS products and services to our clients anytime, anywhere through customized integration with Treasury Workstations (TWS), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platforms, or other online applications.

Developer Portal
Accelerate implementation and go live faster by easily accessing the latest information and performing technical testing upfront.

Online Repository
One place to access the latest documentation and information on APIs any time you need it.

Sandbox Environment
Test APIs even before accounts are available, resulting in higher quality releases and less rework.

Features and benefits:

  • Provide flexibility and choice to instantly consume financial services as desired and needed
  • Accelerate client implementations by simplifying the integration process and reducing onboarding time
  • Enable next-generation client experience by providing an Developer Portal and facilitating access to banking services

In accordance with Payment Services Directive (EU) 2015/2366 of the European Parliament and of the Council (PSD2), this interface can be used by authorised payment initiation service providers, account information service providers, and payment service providers issuing card-based payment instruments. For further information about this interface including documentation to assist with implementing this interface please fill out this simple web form.

CitiConnect Testing Portal

With CitiConnect Testing portal, you can now proceed with the file development and testing process at your own pace and eliminate the current manual process resulting in shortened testing cycles.

Features and benefits:

  • Instant access to file specifications and samples will give you a clear understanding of what our expectations are
  • On line, self–initiated testing facility that will allow you to upload your test files and verify them against Citi standards
  • Real-time, intuitive test results, simulated responses and suggested corrections
  • Portability of test results in structured spreadsheets so you can share information across your organization
  • Project organization. You can structure your testing into projects, allowing you to keep track of progress on their terms
  • Ease of file development by accessing file repository of 1000+ payment instruments offered in over 90 countries
  • Accelerated testing timelines Through automated file validations and instantaneous test results
  • Integrated client experience by providing a CitiDirect integrated testing portal with role segregation and access control

Citi Partners with SAP to develop Multi-Bank Connectivity

SAP launched the cloud-based Multi-Bank Connectivity, the next generation solution for corporate-to-bank connectivity. Citi has partnered with SAP in this initiative, offering SAP clients a new way to access Citi solutions. The SAP Multi-Bank Connectivity solution provides a seamless, bank-agnostic connection, and Citi has developed a standard interface to exchange data between SAP and Citi on behalf of its clients using the cloud-based solution. No need for customization means a shorter time-frame for on-boarding and implementation.

Features and benefits:

  • Single-connection, multi-service network for payments, trade financing and liquidity management
  • Platform for value-added applications such as intelligent decision making and automation
  • Simplified connectivity to speed implementation
  • Banks provision integration from the cloud
  • Monitored and managed centrally by SAP
  • Banks connect via SWIFT, through the SAP solution
  • Banks on-board clients, monitor and manage transactions as usual