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Citi® Corporate Card

The Citi® Corporate Card provides comprehensive visibility into your organization’s total global spending, supported by unrivalled card acceptance.

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Citi® Central Travel Account (CTA)

The Citi® Central Travel Account is a centrally billed payment tool which supports global group business travel bookings and offers data-rich reporting.

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Citi® One Card

The Citi® One Card simplifies expense management by combining the features and benefits of Citi® Purchasing, Corporate and/or Fleet Cards into one program.

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Citi® Meeting Card

The Citi® Meeting Card solution simplifies the payment and reconciliation processes and allows for set spend limits for small and large meetings around the globe.

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Citi® Project Card

The Citi® Project Card offers maximum expense control with set spend and period-of-use limits for discrete projects and temporary workers.

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Manage your program or account via a globally consistent online tool.
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Case Study

USAID Completes and Funds Missions using Citi’s Global Declining Balance Cards

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