Citi® Corporate Card

  • Great for Travel & Entertainment expenses
  • Global footprint, unrivalled card acceptance
  • Globally consistent customer experience
  • Comprehensive spend visibility and control
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At Citi, we know managing and monitoring the details of your organization’s travel and entertainment (T&E) spend is just as important as providing your employees with a globally accepted card. With the Citi® Corporate Card you can benefit from comprehensive visibility into your organization’s total global spend, with limited reliance on other banks –providing maximum program consistency and satisfying your employees’ business needs.

This Card is Best For:

Companies & Organizations that incur travel & entertainment expenses, require a globally consistent footprint, demand a consistent customer experience, and need complete spend visibility and control of their programs.

Program Administrators who need to efficiently manage an organization’s expense program, require global account management and servicing support, need to easily obtain spend reports, manage spend limits, and perform other administration functions.

Employees who incur approved business expenses like air travel, hotel bookings, restaurants, couriers, phone bills, office supplies and more – anywhere in the world.

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As a leading global commercial card issuer, Citi is committed to providing optimal benefits and services to meet our clients and cardholders’ needs, including customized solutions to help organizations achieve strategic and financial objectives.

* Only in the U.S.

24/7 Customer Service Help Line

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year in 25 languages

Implementation Support

Citi provides its clients with the global and regional resources required to help ensure the success of their programs, including an experienced Implementation Manager who is responsible for developing a comprehensive implementation strategy.

ATM Cash Withdraw

Applicable Cardholders have access to a global network of 2.1 million ATMs, terms and conditions may apply.

Card Optimization Consultation

Through Citi’s Card Program Optimization consultative service, organizations can identify ways to enhance their purchasing card program. Whether you have a small or large, simple or complex program, Citi can analyze your organization’s spend and make recommendations on how to increase cost savings and efficiencies within your card program.

Dedicated Account Management

Citi helps companies and organizations get the most out of their Commercial Cards program with a dedicated Account Manager who provides support on implementation, ongoing cardholder management and consultative advice for your program based on industry best practices.

Fraud Protection

If a potentially fraudulent transaction is detected, Citi clients benefit from a notification, allowing cardholders to take action even while they are on-the-go.

Reporting, Administrative & Online Tools

Citi expertly provides secure and robust on-line tools to simplify your program and account management.

Citi’s dynamic reporting tools provide you with access to our global data repository, consolidating all your organization’s card transaction data. Citi’s reports and files can integrate seamlessly into your financial system to deliver robust reporting or be downloaded directly from the Citi-owned reporting functionality.

Our user-friendly online CitiManager portal provides Cardholders and Program Administrators access to review account statements 24 hours a day, seven days a week, through a number of channels and devices. It also offers advanced program management capabilities including the ability for authorized users to apply for and modify card programs and account limits as well as review, reconcile and make payments.

Our continued investment in innovation provides you with Citi tools across the globe to support a consistent user experience.

ThankYou® Rewards*

With the award-winning Citi ThankYou® Rewards program, cardholders can earn points on qualified spend and may redeem these points for great rewards. Approved points earned through the Citi ThankYou program will not expire and there is no cap on the points cardholders can earn. Terms and conditions as well as annual fees may apply.

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Manage your program or account via a globally consistent online tool.
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