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Commercial Cards Industry Landscape

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There is tremendous opportunity for growth in the commercial card space. Commercial card spend currently represents less than 1% of an approximately $150 trillion US B2B payments market. However, commercial card spend is forecasted to continue to grow 10% annually through to 2022, creating great opportunity for companies to maximize their card spend.


Government regulations to reduce interchange fees will help to increase acceptance of commercial cards among merchants. For example In the EU, the Interchange Fee Regulation caps interchange fees at 0.3% on credit cards.


Virtual card is the fastest growing segment of the commercial card market and is predicted to grow at 19% annually through 2022 due to buyer commitment, improved connectivity and enhanced supplier acceptance.

Emerging Markets
Emerging Markets

Emerging Markets Commercial card use is growing rapidly in some key emerging markets as a result of broader changes in card use. For instance, according to Coherent Market Insights’ analysis, card transactions in India grew by 84% from 2016 to 2017.

Commercial Cards Payment Flows

Card solutions can be integrated with multiple technology platforms and workflows, enabling you to seamlessly manage transactions and payments in your existing business processes


Travel & Entertainment Spend

Travel spend is often thought of as the foundation for a corporate card program. Your employees need to travel to meet clients, attend workshops and visit offices around the globe and they want a seamless payment experience to pay for items such as flights and hotels. A corporate card program provides travelers with a simple mechanism of payment while providing the company with transparency and visibility.


B2B Spend

By putting B2B spend through a commercial card program, you can gain financial benefits, process improvements, and greater security & control. Through a number of products, including virtual card accounts and purchasing cards, commercial cards can integrate into existing AP flows and can be used for small dollar purchases to support day-to- day business spend. corporate card program provides travelers with a simple mechanism of payment while providing the company with transparency and visibility.


Next Gen Spend

What’s next for your commercial card program? With the rise of technology, there is a growing need to integrate innovative payment solutions into new and existing payment flows. We have seen a growing rise in payment facilitator models and integration with business spend management systems.

By leveraging virtual cards, companies are able to streamline payment processes and increase working capital thereby turning their cost center into a profit center.

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