Cross-Border Instant Payments

The delivery of payments to the end beneficiary and their experience along the way determines a customer’s trust and brand loyalty. Unlocking brand loyalty: From refunds, to commission payments, to paying shareholder dividends The delivery of payments to the end beneficiary and their experience along the way determines a customer’s trust and brand loyalty. This is especially important when paying individuals. Imagine the scenario where a customer cancels an order for goods or services and within seconds they receive a refund. That customer has had a good experience. Brand trust and loyalty has been established and the customer is likely to return. However, for every day it takes for funds to be returned, trust will likely be diluted and customer loyalty is impacted. This highlights the importance of speeding up cross-border payments with extended availability, no longer bound by cut offs. Improving supply chain relationships: Paying suppliers instantly and with full value With the growth of e-commerce, small businesses are increasingly accessing global markets, but often small businesses are faced with the task of balancing fragile cash flows. Days Receivables Outstanding (DSO) is a critical measurement for small businesses; one that has to be managed very carefully. When buyers are able to offer suppliers, both businesses and individuals, with the option of receiving payments instantly and with full value, this inherently unlocks improvements to supply chain relationships, creates resiliency for the supplier in terms of cash flow and helps to minimize liquidity risk. From small value business-consumer flows, to larger business-business flows, emerging cross-border instant payments capabilities are helping corporates strengthen supply chain relationships, fuelling both traditional and digital economies. Similarly to paying suppliers that are individuals, corporates can also unlock material benefits when using cross-border instant payments to pay staff payroll. Balance sheet control and streamlined account structures: Instant cross-border intra-company funding to reduce the cost of borrowing One of the most important key performance indicators (KPIs) for any company, large or small, is to reduce the cost of borrowing and streamline their account structures to avoid trapped or idle cash, as this uses up precious capital that could otherwise be used for investing in growth. For companies operating in multiple jurisdictions, the ability to move funds near-instantly, across borders, 24/7 is a key enabler for improving intra-company funding and reducing the need for, and cost of borrowing. Furthermore, where overseas accounts are used purely for disbursements, without any receivables, the ability to pay cross-border near-instantly is an enabler to rationalize account structures, and centralize payments from a single country, out of single account.