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Seven Things You Need to Know about 5G Key takeaways We often hear that 5G could transform the way we connect and communicate, but what is 5G, and what could it really offer? 5G is the next generation in cellular networks. The most obvious benefit is faster digital speeds for consumers. Through 5G, your phone can process 100 times quicker than 4G, with up to 10 gigabit speed. That means you can download a movie in seconds on the train to the office. It also opens up new opportunities for wireless services via a dongle, tablet, fixed wireless broadband and home devices. The opportunities for 5G extend to enterprises as well as consumers. Not only is 5G faster, it also reduces latency dramatically, from 10-20 milliseconds to one millisecond. For factories, virtual reality or autonomous vehicles, this means there is virtually no lag time with 5G. 5G will make our lives quicker…. But 5G also reduces delay…. 5G also means you can host millions of devices within a square kilometre, without the capacity limitations of 4G. This opens up huge opportunities for machine-to-machine (M2M) communications or internet of things (IoT). And enables many more devices. 1 3 2